Author: Microsoft is Still Here, Dammit!

Even though Microsoft's Steve Ballmer bungled Yahoo and Vista is sticking to store shelves, the company he runs is as dangerous as ever, says the author of a new book about the future of Microsoft post-Bill Gates.

While Gates will remain as Microsoft's chairman, he will no longer be involved in day-to-day decisions, leaving Microsoft's showy, sometimes sweaty CEO Steve Ballmer to his own devices.

Many industry watchers are hesitant about Ballmer right now, partly due to the botched Yahoo deal and a bumpy Windows Vista release. Still, Mary Jo Foley, a ZDNet blogger who has covered Microsoft since Bill Gates first emerged from puberty, believes the company has a big future ahead of it.

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eagle213870d ago

"I was stunned by how quickly people count Microsoft out these days. It's almost like a knee-jerk reaction, like, "Oh, they're irrelevant." Now, instead of looking at Microsoft as a player, people think they don't matter. But it's dangerous for companies of any size to count them out. They're still good at figuring out how to come back into a market and steal everybody's lunch."

They ain't stealing my lunch. No sir buddy. :D

Mr Marbles3870d ago

most of it untapped sadly, kinda like the PS3.

Once Gates has retired, they need to get rid of Balmer and put an agressive new CEO in charge, shake things up a bit.

MS could rule the world in the right hands, there is so much room for improvment in that firm. Pretty much everyone of their products have obvious easy to fix flaws, they just need a CEO who listens to people and his workers.