Use This Video to Explain the PS Vita to Your Friends

Push Square: "The PlayStation Vita has a pretty severe case of Wii U syndrome. It has a small and intensely loyal fan base, but can't quite seem to crack a larger market. This is mostly because, as with Nintendo's struggling home console, the appeal of the Vita is very difficult to appreciate until you actually have one in your hands."

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CocoWolfie1678d ago

its true, when you actually get a hold of one its fantastic, it has a lot of potential and i actually love it.. its also true that it hasnt been doing so well.. before i was thinking of getting a friend a handheld and i just couldnt recommend a vita.. theres just not years worth of games and variety to choose from and that saddens me.. but i think things are looking up, the launch of the ps4, the indie push, the playstation now possibilities, i hope it only gets better, i hope they do well :')

Yi-Long1678d ago

Here in Holland they still seem to be selling only the old model, while in Hong Kong they were already selling the newer model with better batterylife, better grip, but sadly not the OLED-screen.

I was thinking about buying one, but haven't yet.

It also doesn't help that big system-sellers like Persona 4 Gold only came out with an english dub. If it would have had the original voices and english subs, that would have been a good reason for me to buy the system.

XisThatKid1677d ago

I use my Vita everyday I use it at work and anytime when I'm not home hell I don't even use my phone anymore (unlike most I don't hold cell phone in high regard in my life) I just use Skype and a 3$ phone number to call out wherever is enough for me. Remote play is saving my life I bought a PS4 and have no HD TV right now so local and distant remote play is my haven. I even use it to get my N4G fix right now.

KZ mercs, Uncharted, MK, PlayStation Allstars, Power Stone, Gravity Rush, Lumines, Netflix, Internet radio, my primary MP3 and video player, Castlvania SoTN, Gex, Rayman, Twisted Metal Head-On and 2
My GF has also been enjoying it since here departure from her PSP. It really is an under rated device.

1677d ago
3-4-51677d ago

Buy one and show them playing a game with real controls vs having to tap your finger or drag it across screen.

Most people would be instantly sold - the non-phone issue.

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lifeordeath6171678d ago

its so hard to tell my friends this. well actually i did, but the 3DS is just getting almost everyone's attention. No lie like every 10 3DS owners is 1 Vita guy sitting by himself with the headphones in. i was the same way until my friends talked me into a 3DS. Gave it a try and then i instantly love it.

At first my friend returned his Vita and he told me not to buy one until they get more games. But since i loved the PSP so much i decided to get one. Do i regret it? slightly no. I just wish that Vita had more games. something i can say "let me dust off my Vita" lol. 3DS is just a better handheld software wise. this is coming from a Vita owner who playedalmost all the games including imports

Otoshigamisama1678d ago

I agree but not completely I have 2 PS vita 1 Oled and 1 LCD and a 3ds and If I have to choose I still will get PS vita but thats just me and my opinion, IMO the problem with the system is not lack of games but the lack of publishers who are willing to localize games just look at Trails of Flash it has the potential but publishers lack the balls to localize it and all the other games in Japan and believe me we both know that there are many PS vita games in Japan, LOCALIZATION is the problem only few companies are willing and it is really disappointing as a fellow vita owner,

MGSmarioPRO1677d ago

Bought 3DS when got out and PSV last month because already had collected 32 games on Plus for her. For real, just buy a vita and if you have plus you have so many games that is a good console to have just playing the games they release.

fenome1677d ago

The only weird thing to me is that they didn't include L2/R2 into the mix. No reason not to, especially since it has second controller functionality. I figured the new version would have included dual triggers. Maybe the next one they announce at E3? Fingers crossed...

nikrel1677d ago

back touch functions as them......

fenome1676d ago

I know that, but I'd rather be pressing a physical button for a game that was made with buttons in mind. I'd rather push a trigger than tap on the back of it..

konorbeatz1677d ago

The Vita is hands down my favourite console ever. I am extremely busy with college and commuting to and from the city, so its perfect for the bus ride home, and I think I have spent more time remote playing from the PS4 than I have using the TV for it. It is a fantastic console, one that deserves a bigger user base and a greater library. Hopefully more people will check it out if they have a PS4.

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