Lords of the Fallen - Two New Screenshots

Two new screenshots for City Interactive’s upcoming fantasy action/role-playing game, Lords of the Fallen, have been unveiled.

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Destrania1564d ago

Looks stunning. Can't wait to see a gameplay trailer.

rafaman1564d ago

Doesn´t looks better than Ryse, at least looking at the screenshots. I really hope it to look better.

mdluffy1564d ago

Ryse isn't the best looking next gen game, bf4 and kz:sf both look better.

rafaman1564d ago

Gamesradar, ign, gamespur, Arabic gamers... They all disagree with you.
Read gamesradar ryse review. It is written with all words that ryse is the best looking game of all

Destrania1564d ago Show
Lon3wolf1564d ago

Pretty sure this will have more gameplay than Ryse has. Keeping my eye on this.

theshredded1564d ago

sorry but the game's designs are lifeless and dull

SixtyNine1564d ago

Wait till you see it motion..

isarai1564d ago

i'm like a hungry dog waiting for the table scraps that is the gameplay for this game, C'MON MAN I WANNA SEE EHT!!