Xbox One Vs. PS4 And PlayStation Now - GameRevolution Radio Episode 96

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PC Gaming, PlayStation Now, Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 Sales, Steam Machines, Alien: Isolation, Evolve, Privacy Concerns

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knifefight1531d ago

This console generation is going to be incredibly interesting. The Steam machine, PS Now, the rise of other platforms, the handhelds getting better and better...
man, so much could happen.

acharlez1531d ago

Agreed. I can't wait to see what the year will bring.

ShowGun9011531d ago

this year will be exciting! will PSnow rock everyones world? (50/50) will the steam machines be a black horse that sneaks up on the two front runners? (%20 probability is generous i think) will the vita make a comeback? (with 4mil ps4s in the wild already, i've got money on this one LOL) will kinect stop being bundled? (hopefully! maybe ill get an xbone someday then LOL) will titanfall change gaming forever? (slim to none) will kinect sports rivals change gaming forever? (for realz)

let the show begin!

acharlez1531d ago

2014 is gonna be amazing! It already is with the announcement of PS Now, Steam Machines, and so many exciting rumors.

All we need now is a Fallout 4 announcement...