Watch_Dogs Premium Figurine Now Available

UBIcollectibles has today launched its new masterpiece: “Aiden Pearce_Execution.” Presenting the protagonist of one of 2013’s most widely discussed Ubisoft videogames, Watch_Dogs, the premium figurine is available to purchase now for a recommended retail price (RRP) of £29.99 GBP.

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christrules00411498d ago

How's about they give us a month they expect to release Watch Dogs.

Derekvinyard131498d ago

Lol you know what's funny, they release a figurine AND they say they want to make a movie when no one has played it yet & to top it all off the game doesn't even have a release date. They must be putting a lot on this game it better hold up

Meltic1498d ago

f*ck this i want a release date or something new ? New footage or gameplay or give us something ?!

rodiabloalmeida1498d ago

Great. merchandising before even launching the game. That's all we need, right? /s