GTA for Kids

Rockstarturk: Each of the new Grand Theft Auto series heavy blood, violence, sex acts because there is the phrase even more exiting +18. Who cares about this phrase, but he also discussed a situation Punch Nacho's team made a great expenditure of labor market presented to appeal to children, even the GTA. So that there are plenty of funny and sending a video you can watch below.

Beware, there are spoilers in the video.

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moujahed1798d ago

I've been raged at and cursed out by children between the ages of 10 & 14 while playing GTA Online.

InTheZoneAC1798d ago

new age generation parents. Everything is accepted and there is no discipline. These kids are controlled by no parents, technology, and meds. The kids run the house, they get what they want. The kids have no common sense, no respect.

I grew up playing games, but everyone played outside. We weren't addicted to games, we weren't addicted to technology.

Every generation will get worse because "it's ok" with these new parents.

Muffins12231798d ago

The same people said the same thing about your generation idiot...your just repeating in their footsteps

Hicken1797d ago

Using Zero Shift on kids during online play is kinda overdoing it, lol.

PersonMan1798d ago

Can't get the video to play.