Four things to understand before playing JRPGs

Games in Asia: "A good JRPG is a piece of art. It contains a beautifully crafted story fitted with skillfully designed and animated characters. To say it is anything less is an insult to all who worked on the game. Like all art though, JRPGs are heavily influenced by the culture they are produced in: Japan.

Now what is Japanese culture? I honestly haven’t the foggiest idea. The topic is so big, confusing, and at points disturbing that I’d prefer to narrow the focus down to four points that everyone should know to better understand and enjoy JRPGs."

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AsimLeonheart1530d ago

Nice article. Cultural context is very important when trying to understand why people do what they do or why things are the way they are. The east and west are different in culture and that results in different kinds of media, characters, sexuality, entertainment and priorities.