Fate Cast News: PS4 Sales Crush The Console Competition & Billy Ocean Continues To be Awesome

It’s time for the first Fate Cast News of 2014, and there are lots of crazy, awesome stories ready for your audio consumption. PlayStation 4 sales dominate the news, along with State of Decay developer, Undead Labs, a new Alien game, and Broken Age will be playable next week. Additionally, I’m sorry if I sound drunk, because… I was. Enjoy! And welcome to the future!

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DeadRabbits1504d ago

The size and weight of the Xbone did not protect it from the CRUSHING POWER of the PS4!

Ezz20131504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

TBH i never thought the gap in sales would be like this

and ps4 didn't even hit japan yet

MasterCornholio1504d ago

Oh yeah well the Xbox One has sold more per square meter than the PS4.

Take that fanboys.


I'm just kidding. I was expecting a gap but not a gap of 1.2 million consoles. I thought the difference would be about 500k between the two.

TheFallenAngel1504d ago

Gap should be like 5 million by E3 at this rate. I'm interested in seeing how many units were sold in Mexico and Canada.

snookiegamer1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

PS4 is doing great, Xbox One is doing great, Wii U is still hanging in there, and my PS3 is still awesome!

Console gaming lives!!

When the going gets rough, the tough get going... and yes, 'Billy Ocean' is a 'Living Legend'

Yaaaay!!! :)

pasko77771504d ago

PS4 4.2 million
xbox one 3 million

40% more

PS4 still didn't launch in japan.

jacksons981504d ago

Yeah but PS4 is in Panama, Xbox isn't. That's the difference right there.
kidding of course

Darkfist1504d ago

meh whatever, what about the rest of us who didnt get the ps4?

DEATHxTHExKIDx1504d ago

Still a good number of PS3 games coming out this year. Personally I don't think the PS4 has anything worth on it right now. Until Infamous.

Hicken1504d ago

Shouldn't it be condolences?

bigboss19901504d ago

Its clear now PlayStation has won already I don't think Xbox has sold has much as there saying, amazon are always in stock with Xbox but never any PlayStations think that says it all lol in the end theres so many people that can't get hold of one yet, and some like my self that are waiting for more games to come out first before buying next gen, so bring on the glorious ps1 & ps2 days :-D

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