Is PlayStation Now An Ignorant Replacement Of Backwards Compatibility? Or A Step Into The Future?

Nerdacy: The entire tech industry has been boasting about cloud technology over the past few years; now we actually have the capability with our shiny new consoles–the Xbox One and PS4. For the Xbox One it is notably Microsoft’s Azure servers, but with the PS4, it is the much lauded, highly anticipated Gaikai service now known as the PlayStation Now. So the question I’ve been pondering is, is this an ignorant replacement of backwards compatibility? Or a radical–perhaps logical–step into the future?

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Benjaminkno1530d ago

Maybe the ONLY reason for me to move from Netflix to this.

But it sounds a little too good to be true.

So many people just use mods these days.

Irishguy951530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

PS Now is something in between, it has it's ups and downs too. I would prefer BC but still, Psnow is awesome in it's own way. Especially because it'll make my Vita that much better.

@ Danielgearsolid, that happens all the time on this site. I mean people are completely ignoring Respawn on Titanfall and keep thinking the Ai are bots.

hakeem09961530d ago

It a way for Sony to make money of us .Charge us to play the games we already played and own instead of patching the PS4 to allow backwards compatibility .But since it's Sony it's all cool because they do no wrong .

lsujester1529d ago

Or maybe what it's actually for is a way to let people in the future who have a PS4 or Vita play great games from last-gen without having to buy another console.

I personally could care less about backwards compatibility on my PS4, because I still have a PS3. It runs those games better than any emulator will.

gaffyh1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

@hakeem - If you already own the game, then you would be a complete idiot if you are renting the game again? If you own the game, you own the console, so just hook the console up and play?

BC is almost completely pointless imo, I would much rather have paid less for my PS3 Phat, and rented GOW2 and SOTC2, as it would have saved me a lot of money. That's the same with PS4. It would have cost a lot more if it included BC.

Sarcasm1529d ago

It's not really exactly B/C, but who can blame Sony for ditching it as a priority when they were backlashed for the pricing of the PS3 when it first came out?

Imagine if the PS4 came out at $599 because it included the CELL chip? It probably wouldn't be the console we know it today.

NukaCola1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Until BC is implemented, keep your PS3. This is a way to allow gamers who came from the 360 or just never played on PS3 to have access to a large library of games. For me, this is a really big push for my Vita gaming. It's 100% worth revisiting Fallout 3 or 3D Dot Game Heroes on Vita anywhere.

This also is the first step. More is coming. PS3 games are not the end, just the beginning.

Digital revenue is large on profit at lower prices. This is why Steam is so great. Look at Music Unlimited or Google Play? $10 a month gives you millions of dollars worth of music. Same concept. Cost efficient way of bringing a vast library of games to gamers.

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dan-goes-forth1530d ago

Not ignorant, the cost to add backwards compatibility is too high hardware wise, they would have to accommodate two completely different CPU systems, why PS3 cost sooo much more before price drop

Joe9131530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Exactly the fact of the matter is ppl want BC but they don't want to pay for it Sony learned from the PS3 even the PS3 started to sell better once BC was taken out.
And Sony themselves said this is not bc so no point for this article and it is more than fair cause if you subscribe you have access to what ever games they have on the service

webeblazing1529d ago

but get this they could allow people who brought content on the ps store to have unlimited rental one their games that that had brought. people bash steamos and steamboxes so much on this site, but games that you brought that only support windows will be streamed to the steamos for FREE. know why because you paid for it to keep customers coming back to buy more games.

ps now sounds like a great service but a slap in the face to people that supported in their DDs service. i see no point in buying anything from the store anymore. it will not be supported in the long term like other DDs. im better of just getting ps now and ignore that the ps store exist

i thinks its a great service but it rubs me the wrong way how people let companies get over on them because they own their products, when you should be asking to be treated right.

i know im not the only person that brought a ton of games on the ps store that felt disappointed about BC. but when you bring out a service that stream previous console games that you brought from that same company, and say to play them you have to pay a sub or rent them is ridiculous. they could easily check gamers transaction record to see. this will lower the value of ps store cause now knowing this what the point in buying a game from their.

i know people gonna bash me because its sony, but keep in mind this is the start. every gen gamers overlook stuff and by the end say "how did this happen?" its because the focus on console wars and an attitude of my company is better than yours instead of paying attention how this effect all gamers.

Thatguy-3101530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

PlayStation Now ISN'T BC. Sony has stated it already. As for the whole repurchasing or renting the same game again I guess it can be seen as unfair. However only because you purchase a copy doesn't entitle you to get any FUTURE perks. You bought that copy alone and you can do as you please with that copy that you bought for that one console.

DanielGearSolid1530d ago

Its sad... Ppl are literally ignoring a direct statements from Sony, just to make useless opinion articles

admiralvic1530d ago

The far more likely reason is reason is that they either didn't see the article or wrote their articles first. Sometimes people finishes these articles right after it happens, but it ends up in "editor h*ll" and might take hours to get reviewed and then the article gets scheduled to launch during a peak time (like 9 am pst), which might be after a statement or the site decides to run the article regardless.

XiSasukeUchiha1530d ago

how is PSNow is ignorant now make me laugh

NexGen1530d ago

Lol admiral. You think that dumpy site has an editor? It's a kid who hits submit and it's done.

maniacmayhem1530d ago


Just like a lot of people ignoring direct statements from Respawn about how their game is played.

That is why it is not good for a developer to take direct criticism from the majority of the people when most of them have no clue how their product works or plays.

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jmac531530d ago

exactly, I dont expect to get a game of the year edition for free just because I purchased the game at launch. It's a risk I took.

webeblazing1529d ago

so if you brought a digital copy of the game from the store what going to happen in the later years. people try not to see the point gamers are making here. how long will the support last on ps3( a little far fetch). if it dont and you cant download games to your system anymore. but if they let you use ps now to stream games you digital brought it would makes sense to dl more games (more money for them). so what is the point of people buying games on ps store now that they announced this.

people seem not to grasp the main complains are from the people like myself that brought a tons of digital games. sony has access to our records they can easily give their supporters free unlimited rentals for their games.

its funny that people are not seeing this and they are blindly defending this. it only gonna get worst on consoles if yall keep this attitude. no companies get away with this accept consoles because yall allow them. even on steam they give you cd keys and stuff so if something happen you can dl directly from pub or dev site. in the early stages of steamos the steamboxes are not going to be able to play windows only games, but they are going to let stream games you brought to the os.

why are console only gamers standards this low. people should be speaking up like they did to MS because the real people getting shafted are the supporters of the ps store.

kingdip901529d ago

So what your saying is if I own a bunch of movies on say vhs a format I no longer have a player for then I should be able to stream those movies for free from a service like netflix.

If your backwards logic doesn't get you infuriated at netflix then it shouldn't ps now either.

You pay for a streaming service end of story, individual content and ownership doesn't matter just like with netflix.

If your looking for a way to tear apart cloud gaming and digital media your barking up the wrong tree and if your looking for any excuse just to bash Sony then your just wasting your time.

webeblazing1529d ago

why do yall use the worst example you are not buy a vhs movie and wanting free streaming from netflix. we brought digital games from sony's ps store and the are coming with the ps now so whats so hard about letting people who supported your digital store with free rentals. people try so hard to spin this with the worst analogy.

if netflix so digital moves you would be able to download and stream the movie, but they dont do they. they only stream and mail movies. sony sell games and now stream it. i dont even get how you got physical copy out of when my statement was about digital. do you know when you buy a digital movie on amazon you can stream it any time from any where so wheres you point with that one. i am talking about digital games we have brought. yall so quick to define and spin every thing someone say about sony. this is not the first time i use or seen streaming.

and backward logic would be to pay a ton of money on digital contain and have a company tell me their not gonna support BC but i could rent the same game i brought on their store (even if its streaming). people act like digital media and streaming is so new. like i said if you brought a digital movie you can stream it. cloud gaming is not new never had a problem even when people constantly bashing onlive. steam is going to let its users to stream games for BC. i think its a great service but they slapped everyone in the face that supported ps store.

you say your piss and criticize a company and fanboys try to spin things every chance they get. using netflix as an example when the dont sell digital is retarded. and by them doing what i said the would have to worry about future console being BC and can push people towards buying more digital games on their store.

Eonjay1530d ago

Is it arrogant to offer a service that will allow people to have access to an incredible library of games that they may have never played or wish to experience again. No.

This service also allows them to keep the price of the PS4 down by not having to pack in the CELL.

Death1530d ago

In 2008 the Cell cost $37. 5 years later, it's under $20. I don't know about you, but $420 for a B/C PS4 sounds pretty reasonable. How long before consumers reach $20 in Now fees?

Sony used their Playstation fanbase to win the next gen optical format war. Now they are using their fans and library of games to sell more TV's, tablets, phones, and PC's. It's all about the money. They are a business, so that's pretty much to be expected,

Eonjay1530d ago

Its not as simple as adding a cell for $20. It includes the price of including it on the same board and somehow compensating for the added heat. The end result may be more expensive than is necessary given the existence and availability of the PS3 for those who dont already own it.

The point is that if you already own a game for the PS3, then chances are that you may already own the console as well. If that is the case then it will cost you nothing to continue playing. This service doesn't render you current media unplayable.

PSNow offers access to games that you may not own.

DanielGearSolid1530d ago

What about the ppl that don't nees backwards compatibility (the majority)

They have to pay the extra for a feature they wont use?

admiralvic1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

The cell is not the one and only deciding factor in terms of enabling BC. For instance, the PS4 is quite different than the PS3 in terms of architecture and would (as far as I understand) need to emulate the PS3's OS in order to play these games.

This means the specs would need to be higher, since emulation is not a simple task (I've heard it takes roughly 4x more power than the original machine, though I am not really into this sort of thing). This also means the system would need to be redesigned to both facilitate the BC, compensate for the increased heat / different hardware configuration, additional R&D time to implement this stuff and a number of other things that would come into play.

So while adding the cell might cost however many dollars, it is not a matter of simply adding a chip and BC suddenly works. I mean, if it was that simple, then Sony would have just done it. Allowing people to get rid of their PS3 would make the PS4 have several times more demand than it already has.

@ DanielGearSolid

Obviously you would just have to ****ing deal with it. A lot of consoles have features I don't want, yet I still ultimately have to pay for said features. For the 3DS that is 3D and all three cameras. For the Vita, that would be the back touchscreen, both cameras and pointless add ons, like the light for the PS button. While I don't want or even need (per se, some games force me to use them), I still ultimately have to pay the cost, just like you would ultimately have to pay for the BC and whatever stupid features you might not care about, but Sony decided to add.

Outside_ofthe_Box1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Wow, admiralvic saved me a ton of typing lol.

I can't believe you brought up that notion, Death. If it were that simple why not just buy the chip and put in a PC? Would save PC gamers a ton of money instead of having to buy a console just to play it's exclusives lol.

Also how is PS Now an attempt to sell more TVs, tablets, phones, and PCs? Focus should be on selling PS Now as a valuable and desirable product itself first, before you can even think about using it to sell other devices.

Hicken1530d ago

Yes, Death. You can just toss a Cell into a PC and not have to do ANYTHING else. It'll work perfectly right alongside whatever's already in there, with no need to upgrade anything else. No need to create extra software or drivers for existing drivers.

Just plug it right in.

asyouburn1530d ago

$20 x 4.2 mil is like 84 million dollars

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MrSwankSinatra1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I shouldn't have to pay extra for games i already own. People tend to be blind to the reason why people prefer backwards compatibility over this streaming service. The thing that gets me IS SONY! are the ones who introduced backwards compatibility to the industry, an now suddenly it's okay to not have it but instead pay a subscription for games you already own. why should i or anyone else for that matter have to keep re-buying games? Sony says they're pro-gamer but we weren't even given an option of backwards compatibility. at the very least re-release the PS3 with full BC of PS1 & PS2 Games. instead of just having it, to where you either having to shell out for a PS2 or BC PS3 for an inflated price.

DanielGearSolid1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

You DO NOT HAVE to buy your games again.

They still work on your Ps3

Sony did not tell you to get rid of your ps3

BC costs money, Ps4 wouldve been more expensive... So now Sony would be forcing the cost of BC on everyone, including ppl that don't want/need it.

You ARE spoiled

The free stream was a mistake, I was subconsciously responding to another comment, I fixed it. My mistake

MrSwankSinatra1530d ago

@DanielGearSolid First off i didn't sell my PS3, an secondly where in the HELL did i mention free streams? obviously you can't read.

kingdip901530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

It's a Netflix like service... Netflix has a bunch of movies I already own and thousands that I dont. Netflix don't charge me to watch movies I already own they charge me to access their library regardless of what I own.

You pay for the streaming service not the individual games.

iamnsuperman1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

"I shouldn't have to pay extra for games i already own"

This is a misconception as you don't buy games, you buy games for a particular platform. If I own GTA V on the PS3 I don't get the 360 copy for free. I would have to rebuy that. Same with COD. If I had the PS3 version but I wanted to play it on a PS4 I would have to get a PS4 version. As it was early on in the cycle an incentive was created to move people over to newer platforms and, which is the main reason why it was created, to get people to buy the last gen version and not just wait for it to be released on the newer systems. Look more carefully at what you are really buying

On your other point BC is just too expensive now. It was great to have as the cost of the system wasn't affected. Now it does. The PS3 proved this with its insane price. Since the architecture, for the PS4, is different you would need to put a PS3 (and PS2 if you want to go that far) inside a PS4. This is now too costly to do. Sony may have introduced it but that was at a different time (things change)

Silly gameAr1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

People tend to be blind about the games that you can play that you haven't played that will be on PSNow, then the ones that you already own and can play at anytime.

No BC is just an excuse for people to be able to poke holes in PSnow and find something negative that's not even a big deal to most people.

People like you always sound like you want the most for less to me anyway.

grassyknoll1529d ago

Should you get films on Netflix because you bought the DVD 10 years ago?

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solar1530d ago

imho all consoles should be BC.

dboyman1530d ago

If you want TRUE BC, its has to be H/W BC. In order for that to happen, be prepared for paying more for consoles....

BoriboyShoGUN1529d ago

People want everything for free! The original PS3 had backwards compatibility, a decent hard-drive, built in WiFi, and Blu-Ray!!! And all people bitched about was the cost. You can't please these people no matter what you do. This is an OPTIONAL SERVICE!!!