Steam Box Controller Hands On CES 2014

During their coverage of the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Skewed and Reviewed got some hands on time with the controller for the Steam Box. The feedback providing touchpads were a nice feature and they have posted a series of images.

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Concertoine1562d ago

this thing is so bad in theory but looking at gameplay valve might be on to something.

Garethvk1562d ago

I had questioned why a person would want one as if you had a PC for gaming you were set and that could be hooked up to a TV. I also noted that for the price of one for a couple hundred more you can build a solid gaming PC. I was told that they are for console players who want to play the Steam games but do not want to deal with drivers configurations, updates, and so on that PC users have to do. So who knows, I would not pay 500 for one. I just wonder how many hardcore console gamers are out there that do not have a gaming PC yet have 500 or so for a Steam Box. I have always thought if a person wants to play a game and it is only on PC, then they will update the PC or get one.

Concertoine1562d ago

i dont have much interest in the console, but if the controller works better than the 360 one i'll use it to play a few games on pc (the genres that control better with a controller than keyboard anyway)

Kal8531562d ago

I'm exactly one of those hardcore gamers you were wondering about. I'm a lifelong console gamer, but I haven't upgraded to next gen yet. I don't have a PC now, and I don't know anything about building them, but I'd like to get into PC gaming. So an easy, plug and play PC I don't have to worry about upgrading like a Steam Box sounds perfect. There's a lot of other factors to worry about of course, but I'm watching how this unfolds as an option with great interest.

avengers19781562d ago

Life long console gamer, and I'm happy to stay there with my PS4. I have no interest in the steam box(or boxes as it were).
And that controller looks horrible, but to be fair I haven't gotten hands with it, so it could be great. It does look backwards to me though.

Kal8531562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )


Nice to see someone the same age as me on here. :)

I did initially get a PS4, but I traded it, along with some other stuff, to a friend for a GI Joe USS Flagg. But now that Sony Now was announced, I'm leaning heavily towards getting another one. I'm just tired of missing out on so many PC only games.

MurDocINC1562d ago

Some may have no interest now, but every year it's service/library will grow and there will be newer, faster and better pricepoint steam machines.

NeoTribe1561d ago

Kal... you traded a ps4 for a gi joe flag... i need to sit down.

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quaneylfc1562d ago

@Kal853 You can always plus an Xbox 360/one controller into it if the steam controller is too much of a hindrance.

Kal8531562d ago

I'd probably end up doing that if I got one. Thanks. :)

ZeoN1562d ago

Looks weird, but interesting.

Duke191562d ago

I keep seeing pictures of this controller - is this just a demo unit or is that the finished product?

Without any type of coloring or symbols it just looks so dull, and button location/shape/size on the front look like something from the 80's.

Pandamobile1562d ago

No, this is still the prototype version, I'm pretty sure.

quaneylfc1562d ago

it says the boxes are finished, im sure the controllers are, otherwise there wouldn't be any hands on

AllroundGamer1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

so true, it looks like a robot invented it, cause it has no style.

JsonHenry1562d ago

Function over form, buddy. It works extremely well. If you don't like the colors wait for 3rd party designs.

caperjim1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Actually I believe Valve said that 3rd parties wouldn't be making the controller. Valve's 1st party controller will be bundled in with other manufacturers Steam Boxes.

edqe1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

It's a prototype. The final version from Valve will have a touch screen: http://store.steampowered.c...

As said Valve is not the only one who is going to make that controller.

It's funny how many compares it directly to console controllers without thinking that there's many genres on PC consoles doesn't have. Console controllers are unusable on many types of games; like Crusader Kings [1] or OOTP14 [2].

Console controllers are good in typical console games; hack'n'slash and platformers.

[2] http://www.ootpdevelopments...

KontryBoy7061562d ago

It does look interesting but it just look so prototype-ish to me. Maybe I'll get one for my PC

JohnnyTower1562d ago

No way I'm sold on a touch-controller. It's the same problem with using your iPhone as a controller: it's hard to reset your fingers if there are no buttons. I hate to be constantly looking down to see if my thumb is in the right area of the circle that would designate it as "a, b, x, y". It's buttons or nothing for this hombre.

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