PlanetSide 2: SOE Details New content, subscription changes and updates

Sony Online Entertainment Creative director Matthew Higby has detailed numerous developments and changes planned for PlanetSide 2 players in the coming weeks and months.He outlined plans to alter development processes to release "smaller and more focused" title updates from now on.

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XiSasukeUchiha1681d ago

Plantside 2 is going to be a awesome game!

IndiaFPS1681d ago

it is lol try it on PC :)

amnalehu1680d ago

I feel what you are saying. The problem is that most people don't have a gaming rig that is set up to run this game the way it was meant to be seen and played. PS4 will offer 4 million+ people the chance to play PS2 the way it was meant to be experienced.

deerain1680d ago

Yep tried and it's great, when no one is around and I am in a tower :-( my laptop can't handle it and I never expected it to. So I will wait for the PS4 version then get a PS4 :-)

XisThatKid1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Pretty sure he means if you want to try it now before it comes out on PS4. It's already out on PC if you didn't know, It's indeed an awesome game. NOT "IT'S INFERIOR ON PS4 DON'T PLAY IT ON THAT JUNK PC L337 3.7GHz CPU 16GB GDDR5 RAM (etc.) ONLY WAY TO GAME!" I don't have a PC though, I'm can't wait for PS4 version personally, thanks for the suggestion though. I was a BIG MAG fan and heard alot bout this game over time.

webeblazing1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

the game is meant to be played period snd by alot of people thats how like a lot of fpsmmos lol. i wonder if it wasnt exclusive would people care truthfully seeing as ps2 is a hard game to get into with a lot of grinding. people enjoy this game on different settings lets not look like snobs here. i understand wanting to play the highest settings but not play because of it is back handing the devs efforts. and it don take a powerful rig to run. just play games no matter what platform.

i dont mean to sound like a d!ck but its either great or its not the game been out over a year already. pick up a review, watch twitch, ask gamers. yall making it sound like it havent been out and you waiting on the first reviews ever.

hope yall have fun with it tho, and dont give up because of the learning curve

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thekhurg1680d ago

I hope this brilliant idea of a one SOE game subscription plan comes to the PS4.

ShowGun9011680d ago

sounds great! i've got this on steam, STILL havent played it yet, im an idiot... thats it im trying it this weekend lol! stupid terraria can be an obsession lol