Infamous: Second Son Extended HD Gameplay From CES 2014

Skewed and Reviewed was able to record in HD on the final day of CES 2014 and have posted some extended gameplay footage of their time with the game.

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US8F1677d ago

Can't wait to see them reveal his other powers, the amount of verity in this game is astonishing.

Garethvk1677d ago

It was alot of fun. The controls were reversed at first and I had to figure them out, but as the demo went along I was given a few things to try The Touchpad was nice, a bit tricky at times but it like the odd camera angles that popped up are due to be fixed before launch. What I loved was how fast and smooth it was.

At first I thought his blasts would be enough but with the size of the force against me and still learning the controls, the melee was a big help and when I saw I could take down the towers and then drop the big one, it was awesome.

US8F1677d ago

Thank you for the share

mafiahajeri1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Are the graphics really as good as they say they are?

I hope we get a demo soon, I have a feeling we will.

lsujester1676d ago

Those guards are ridiculously good shots.

ZodTheRipper1676d ago

I can't resist watching this even though I wanted to ignore all news about this game :/
March is just too far away.

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Neavan1677d ago

Thats what you call it a next gen Graphics

ZodTheRipper1676d ago

Well at least for open world games with complete freedom in movement. Overall it's only a minor upgrade from last-gen but it's also one of the first next-gen games.

Bathyj1676d ago

MINOR upgrade?


Panthers1676d ago

Look, if KZSF is anything to go by for an upgrade in graphics this gen, then we are in for an awesome experience with the PS4 in 2014.

inFamous SS looks stunning and very fun.

ginsunuva1676d ago

Or we could let the other powers be a surprise..

Sayai jin1676d ago

I am really looking forward to this game!

NeoTribe1676d ago Show
BallsEye1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Why so foggy even in the buildings?? Drawing distance is like 50 meters. Hope it's just this level.

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Crazyglues1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Yeah check out this video, much better look at it..

I'm really looking forward to this game, I hope it turns out to be really good..

||.........___||............ ||

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madworld1677d ago

Guys all new gameplay here for god sick not from screen....

KratosSaveUs1677d ago

Its good to see someone who actually knows how to play InFamous play it. Instead of these journalist who probably don't even play videogames.

ginsunuva1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

This one was an official video, so this was sucker punch playing I assume.

I agree that the game journalists always seem to suck at playing any game.

ZodTheRipper1676d ago

Yes you can clearly see the difference, that new IGN guy is horrible ...and it's not only his ability to play games.

I just wished they would've used the Neon power in that video :/

Garethvk1676d ago

Thank you. I had forgotten so much and had some issues with the controls and the camera I was worried it would look awful. It is a challenge and I had some issues with the release point of the touchpad but I loved it.

iistuii1676d ago

Cheers, I watched the IGN bloke play it, or try to. Someone who can play it makes the viewing a lot better. I think the worst though is a journalist in a racing game, sigh, I wonder how they get the job sometimes .

Pintheshadows1676d ago

Journalists playing racing games makes my head hurt. It also makes me distrust every word they type or say.

Rickgrimes951677d ago

I don't want to know what the other powers are I would rather it be a suprise

Idba1676d ago

Same. I hope SP shows a new video with gameplay we havent seen to keep the hype going

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