4 things you can do with your old game consoles

From CNET: Did you get a new Xbox One or PlayStation 4 over the holidays? Here's what you can do with your old systems.

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BALLBAGS1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Errr because of ps+ I actually went out and bought a second hand ps3 !!

couple weeks after I bought my ps4 just to play all the free games Sony give away on ps3, as I was primarily a 360 owner I never experienced the yeh my new 'old' system is going nowhere, its getting more use than my ps4 and Xbox one at the moment!!

Kingthrash3601470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

i agree with teabags...err ballbags....
my ps4 gets play...plenty of play but so does my ps+ has the ps3 going nowhere. i also use it for apps like youtube (strangely missing on the ps4) as well as music i have saved and i browse the web on it to watch my anime (animeultima btw) and movie stream sites. my girl is overly attached to netflix and hulu, and ill be damned if she touch my ps4...
so yeah the ps3 is hugely alive and kicking in my house, no end in sight.

guitarded771469d ago

I love my PS4, but my PS3 is still getting most of the love right now. FFXIV and Beyond showed up in the mail a little while ago, and I have an immense back catalog. Plus I just scored SM3DW, Super Luigi and The Wonderful 101 on Wii U, so my PS4 is having to fight for my time. But once games like inFAMOUS start coming out, I'm sure my PS4 will eventually get the majority of my playtime.

minimur121468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

'4 things you can do with your old game consoles'


Anyways, I'm still going to play my PS3 now I've got a ps4, Im just waiting for inFamous SS and whatever PS + throws my way each month on both consoles.
currently awaiting Lightning Returns but I want the special edition imported. I WANT TEH STOPWATCH lmao

Panthers1469d ago

EXACTLY! I have had a PS3 all last gen, but never got PS+ until I had to with the PS4. about a month later, I decide to turn on my PS3 again and check out the store. I was BLOWN AWAY at what PS+ offers. I got Ico, SoTC, Grind (i think), XCOM, Borderlands 2, and more all for free. It paid for itself in 1 month.

3-4-51469d ago

1.) Play games on them

2.) Repeat

minimur121468d ago


plsburydoughboy1470d ago

Why does this article exist?

GreenRanger1469d ago

Make sweet love to them.

It's what I've been doing for years.

zerog1469d ago

I see lots of sticky controllers in your future.

Hicken1469d ago

And far too many in his past.

OhReginald1469d ago

shame they give no mention to giving it to charities or less fortunate.

blakstarz1469d ago

That's a very good idea.

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The story is too old to be commented.