Sir, You Are Being Hunted Preview [Capsule Computers]

Jamie Laike Tsui of Capsule Computers writes:

"Sir (or Madame), you are being hunted. With that, I have become a human fox running from relentless robot trackers. Sir, You Are Being Hunted is the procedurally generated stealth/survival sandbox game from Big Robot Ltd that is currently in alpha testing. Big Robot Ltd was able to fund the game thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign held during the end of 2012.

The game is billed as being like no other stealth game. Players are dropped in the middle of an archipelago with their wits and a few sparse items. To escape, they must gather the machine pieces scattered across the landscape, all while being hunted by a variety of merciless and ever so British robots."

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Subby1679d ago

Finally, some real stealth.