How Much Are You Willing To Pay For PlayStation Now?

Richard Drummond of Richie D Rants says:

"With the announcement of PlayStation Now, the internet is going crazy. The ability to stream games to your PS4, PS3, Sony Bravia TV’s and tablets is one hell of an exciting idea. Reliving great games like the original Brash Bandicoot or the original Spyro game already has me a bit giddy for the service. My question is, how much are you willing to pay for it? $80, $60, maybe $40?"

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johndoe112111597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Personally, as a ps+ member, not more than 15 bucks a month. I'm hoping $10 but I'm thinking that's just wishful thinking. Or probably a $25-$30 a year subscription if you have ps+

NinjaRichParty1597d ago

I'd be ok with that price. I might sit and wait for a month or two to see how the whole system operates and works, then give it a go if I think it's something I'll really enjoy.

inveni01597d ago

It would depend on the catalog. I see myself renting at first...if that's as cheap as redbox.

Army_of_Darkness1597d ago

I think I'm good with just playstation plus. Don't really care about streaming old games when I already have and still use my ps3.

himdeel1597d ago

I expect $30 to $60 to be the range. If be willing to buy one less game a year for this service. Much like I decided to watch fewer movies in the theater to take full advantage the Netflix service Im already paying for.

Having access to the service across the 3 Sony platforms I own makes this an interesting service for me.

liquidhalos1596d ago

Im not that fussed about ps now to be honest, ive still got a couple of old consoles in the garage, i never bother bringing them out to play my old games so i dont see myself paying anything to play them on my ps4.

Now looks great, if sony work it as well as they worked PS+ then its bound to be a success if youre the type of gamer who enjoys older titles (theres plenty out there) but its just not for me.

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LOGICWINS1597d ago

Anything more than $10 a month would be idiotic on Sony's part as it would directly contradict their plans to use Playstation Now to bring AAA gaming to mainstream consumers at an affordable cost.

BattleAxe1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

It all depends on the content and features that they offer. If it's anything like OnLive was, especially with the ability to watch other people play their games and chat with them at the same time, I'll be all over this. Based on Netflix, I think the pricing for the subscription could range anywhere from $15.00 - $30.00 per month. Its really anyone's guess at this point.

If it turns out to be around $30.00 per month, I would still be on board, especially since you are not paying a subscription to simply play online on a dedicated piece of hardware (PS4) like PS+, but instead your account and game saves will carry on beyond the PS4 generation with very few hardware restrictions. If they charge anywhere near $30.00 per month, they better have premium content to go with that, and combining a movie service with that would help build a case for that kind of pricing.

It was a great moment at CES when Kaz Hirai talked about playing PS3 games on your iPad. PS Now will change everything, and I think it will eventually come to PC, and be somewhat of a competitor with Steam, although the delivery method is completely different.

I'm not buying a PS4, so I'm really happy that this is coming to PS3 and other devices. A Sony rep did say that down the road they might release PS4 games on PS Now, which would definitely draw me in. I'm sure they wouldn't put PS4 games on PS Now until at least a year or two after it releases on PS4, but I'd be perfectly fine with that.

Conzul1597d ago

I'd be ok with that pricing if they threw in their other media services for free. Still hella steep...

torchic1597d ago

if people really think PS4 games will land up on PSNow before a new Sony console arrives (i.e. PS5) or before a significant amount of time has elapsed (5 years AT LEAST) then LOL good luck xx

Ray1861596d ago

$30.00 a month? you people are insane. If it costs any more than Netflix it going to fail HARD!

BattleAxe1596d ago


Why would it fail at $30/month? There's no dedicated hardware investment required, and you can play all the games without limitation. Look at how much people pay for cablevision, even though it really sucks and you get virtually no choice.

You're a fool if you would pay $40 - $60 per month for cable, but won't pay $30 per month for game streaming and possible a movie/tv service all rolled into one.

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Eonjay1597d ago

Hmmm.... the lowest bid without going over wins....

$1 BOB!

1597d ago
Eonjay1597d ago

But in all seriousness...
49.99 for 1 year of complete unfiltered access to all games.
24.99 for 1 year with PS+ membership.

There, its done.

hkgamer1597d ago

dont think subscription will mean you can play every game.... probably just a selected amount of games.
the conference sony did seemed to not mention being able to access every game with subscription

BattleAxe1597d ago

PS Now won't be that cheap. Look at how much Netflix charges, and then add a bit to it, and then you'll be in the right ballpark.

Clunkyd1597d ago

I can see it like this.
$50 Playstation Now
$10 discount if bought with PS plus, so $90/year for both.

jessupj1597d ago

I reckon this will be a successful service, but personally I'm not interested in the service at all.

Unless they plug in a server in Sydney, Australia where I lie and their is virtually zero lag, but I don't see that happening. Our internet is pretty crap here regardless.

I still hope this is very successful for Sony and works great for its users.

Kryptix1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

They should go for the Netflix pricing since it's one the reasons that moved it to be a successful service.

Maybe $8 a month and discounted to $5 if you're a PS+ member? If they can go that route, this could really be the Netflix of gaming. They should give you like 30 games to play a month and switch them around at the end. (10 PS3 games, 10 PS2 games, and 10 PS1 games) If you like a game and you don't have time to finish it, you can purchase it and it's yours forever. Just an idea, hope the price turns out to be something affordable.

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GreenRanger1597d ago

€2 and a packet of M&M's.

NinjaRichParty1597d ago

They better be the normal kind. Peanut M&M's are bit too pricey for this service.

CocoWolfie1597d ago

ill trade you some biscuits for those m&m's.

yeahokchief1597d ago

perhaps i could interest you in some chicken. tonight.

SlavisH21597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Should be part of PS+

Retard1597d ago

Wishful thinking never fails!

fanboybeatdown1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

- psn free
- free backwards compatibility at launch

- psn costs money
- backward compatibility not available and streaming backward compatibility costs money


Lukejrl1597d ago


Yes we see that there have been cons, i do not think anyone doesn't see them, But i really do not think you see the pros with anything, you must have a really negative life.

ElementX1597d ago

Publishers are going to want more than a few dollars for potentially hundreds of thousands of people playing their games at the same time.

LOGICWINS1597d ago

These are still old games though. They'll be even older by the time PS Now launches. Devs can't ask for too much.

Sarcasm1597d ago

That and it will be selective titles. At least from my impression.

LOGICWINS1597d ago

I'm predicting it'll be $60 a year of you aren't a Plus member and $50 if you are. If you don't want to commit to the year, you have a $10 a month option.