Top 4 Games of March

"March is absolutely stacked with high profile video game releases covering several exciting genres. Which ones will you be picking up?" -BootHammer

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lupon1681d ago

Great list. I'm buying them all :) March is going to be busy

BootHammer1681d ago

March is going to break the bank but each one of these games will be so worth it =)

ZombieKiller1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Every year.
Things come back to life with the spring, the weather gets warmer, girls start wearing less clothes....and my birthday is in March.

Now Kojima decides to release a next gen Metal Gear?! The first next gen title I'm REALLY looking forward to and the SOLE REASON I bought my PS4 at launch!?!

Shit my head is going to explode in March....

Mega241681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

MGS5:GZ, is the one that calls more my attention (big fan, and a follower of Master Kojima), InFamous never called my attention, as for DS, too frustrating so no, and with the player count fiasco they have at Respawn, I'll pass for now, maybe when it releases and looks promising I might pick it up.

BootHammer1680d ago

Ground Zeroes is at the top of my radar too. I'd take another look at Second Son and Dark Souls II b/c they are really looking impressive!

kraideral1680d ago

I think WatchDogs will also be released during March! What a great month for games!

Goro1680d ago

Don't forget Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD

Chrisgamerguy1680d ago

Just getting Titanfall and Ground Zeroes from that list even tho ground is insanely expensive for just being an intro. I think they said $39.99

BiggCMan1680d ago

Depends on how you're getting it actually. The pricing situation is a little weird.

So the digital PS3/360 version will be $20.

Physical PS3/360 AND digital PS4/XBO will be $30

Physical PS4/XBO will be $40.

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The story is too old to be commented.