SimCity offline single player mode still be “explored” by Maxis

Maxis lay down the final mod making rules which may now lead to a single player mode as Maxis starts to reinvestigate the possibilities.

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XiSasukeUchiha1596d ago

Please offline single player and console support

Yi-Long1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Too little, too late...

Always Online, MP, DLC/Micro-Transactions, wayyyy too small cities.... no thanks. I'm done. Maxis doesn't deserve my money.

I'll stick with the superior SimCity4, and hope some other publisher/developer will pick up the City Builder genre, now that Maxis has dropped the ball BIG-TIME.

All they had to do was take the basis of what made SimCity 4 so great, and add a whole lot more stuff and better graphics. That's it.

SimCity 5 is a huge step backwards in multiple ways, and even if they somehow corrected some of their mistakes, I honestly don't even care anymore.

sithalo1596d ago

they made multiple great simcity games and one bad one (thats actually alot of fun). so now you are saying that you want soemone else to doit. just becuase they make one bad game (still fun) doesnt mean that they cant make another good one ever again.

snake_eater1595d ago

Dont blame Maxis, blame EA.

Yi-Long1595d ago


It's not about the game the game they released, it's about the decisions they made (Always Online DRM, MP, small cities, DLC, etc etc).

Those decisions show me they don't have a clue what I loved about the SimCity games, and that they're not interested in that.

They released the game as a simple cashcow to sell their DLC.

Not to mention HOW they released the game, which was a huge travesty.

Nope. Most, if not all of the problems this game has/had, could have been avoided, but despite all the signs from fora where people clearly stated they didn't want the DRM, they didn't want the DLC, they didn't care about the whole MP-aspect, and that we just want a bigger better prettier version of the excellent SimCity 4,they decided to ignore all that and still implement all the stuff that was and still is responsible for all the hate they got.

3-4-51596d ago

As soon as they fully explore this idea, I will explore my wallet and find just enough money to purchase this game.

guitarded771596d ago

That would sell me. Put it on the new consoles, and offline. I don't know what the hell EA was thinking when they didn't offer offline. I guess it was something to do with $$$, but it probably bit them in the ass with less sales.

come_bom1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

With the size of those maps, they should rename the game to simtown.

Unless the single player has much larger maps, I'm not even going to bother with this.

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Snookies121596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

The 'possibilities' would be a lot more sales. I didn't buy this simply because of it being online. Despite loving the SimCity series, and being super excited about this one... You know, until I found out it was flawed because with this online crud.

Godmars2901596d ago

Given that the game has the rep that it has, by most appearances was tailored around online network play and limits how you can build, I'm not seeing how it will get more sales.

Not seeing how it deserves more sales. Even if "fixed".

pompombrum1596d ago

Online put me off however I would have eventually swallowed that tough pill and bought the game.. what stopped me getting it was the size of the cities. Wasn't around the max population people could get like 200k? That's ridiculously low.

zeal0us1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Well the pirates months ago manage to make an offline version. Maxis miss their window of opportunity to gain more sales when it matter most. Some who decide not to buy is either busy with other games or playing a modified pirated version.

I know some people buy it if they did release an offline version. However after almost a year after of it original release I don't it will be a huge number. Some people will have that "Too little too late" mentality about it.

-Foxtrot1596d ago

Gee heard this one before....

modesign1596d ago

lol, theyre still considering it. haha little late maxis,

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