Next Week on the US/CA PSN: January 14th, 2014 – PS+ Members Are Getting a Great Game for Free

Dropping the ‘III’ and getting an HD upgrade, the previously PlayStation Vita only Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation will be releasing for the PlayStation 3 next week, solely as a digital download. Past that it’s a pretty slow week, but PlayStation Plus members can expect to be getting a very good PS3 game added to the Instant Game Collection. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers929d ago

Brothers is an insta-download for me.

UltimateMaster928d ago

Lamest week yet. Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation is the same game that arrived a few years ago on the PS Vita.

They have much better promotion than this usually.

Why is this at the top comment when massive sales we got last fall and winter 2013 never got up there?

Myst929d ago

Can't wait to play as Aveline in HD!

thorstein928d ago

No kidding! This is going to be an easy grab. $20. Hopefully a PS+ discount would make it even more enticing!

desertpunk86929d ago TrollingShowReplies(6)
VforVideogames929d ago

Why games that we already played? meh..

NeoTribe928d ago

We already played or you already played? Your not the only person with a ps3, just sayin.

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The story is too old to be commented.