Will The Zombie Apocalypse End?

For the past few years, video games have followed the same plot: Zombie Apocalypse or outbreak and what not. And I am for one sick of it. Don’t get me wrong, some of the zombie themed video games have been entertaining to play and watch. For example, the Dead Rising series has put a somewhat comical look on Z-Day (It’s easier than having to keep writing ‘Zombie’). Or the Last of Us, another outbreak themed game that was amazing in the story and gameplay.

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US8F1679d ago

If done right, I have no problem with it continuing. I hope they continue with it. After playing red dead redemption undead nightmare, I fell in love with the genre, never really liked dead rising to be honest. I like the serious tone, coupled with open world, and good mechanics type of zombie games.

1677d ago
Army_of_Darkness1677d ago

Most zombie games suck expired mouldy pickles... So I'm really looking forward to dead nation 2.

ZeoN1677d ago

Not anytime soon. It needs to take a break.

e-p-ayeaH1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

The classic Resident Evil Trilogy were the only games that made zombies threatening and sometimes scary its true that a good scary soundtrack and sound effects always make it feel more authentic but that isnt the case with many games.

JeepGamer1677d ago

If Steam greenlight is any indication then no.

ironfist921677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Zombies are overused. Bring back Dinosaurs, put in more Pirates, we need more Monsters too

Dont want to be original and creative, and want to make a half assed shooter with the same enemies? Make a zombie game. The zombies will buy it.

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The story is too old to be commented.