Deep Down Producer: Games Will Become Independent From Platforms; Wants to Accelerate Overseas Ops

Deep Down Producer and Capcom’s General Manager of Division 2 Kazunori Sugiura feels that associating games with a console of a platform may be outdated. He also says that Capcomplans to port released titles to consoles, smartphones, and tablets, and to accelerate overseas operations.

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--bienio--1503d ago

Sp please Realese Deep Down on Pc😊

Majin-vegeta1503d ago

Nope.Sony is funding part of it.So i doubt it will be anywhere else other than PS4.

sobekflakmonkey1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Planetside 2 is a Sony game and it's on PC exclusively at the moment, Sony also made DC Universe Online, Dragon's Prophet and all of the Everquest games, not to mention Payday: The you might actually be wrong.

Sony Online Entertainment has all their games on PC, so I dunno, if SOE has a hand in this game, there's a chance it might end up hitting PC, especially since it's a F2P game.

sonic9891503d ago

that was SOE ( Sony Online Entertainment ) not SCE ( Sony Computer Entertainment ) in other words Playstation

DeadlyFire1503d ago

This article clearly points this at Playstation Now as well. Independent from platforms = Cloud streaming games to all platforms. :)

Deep Down will be exclusive for awhile. Considering Capcom has Dead Rising on XB1 and Deep Down on PS4 I say its about even.

Its important to note that Capcom just stated they engine could be utilized and scaled on other platforms as well. So that does mean they plan on taking it to more than PS4 in the future. The engine at least.

rafaman1503d ago

If Sony is indeed founding part of it, it is for be released first on play 4, kind like mass effect for Xbox 360 that was ported later for play 3. Deep down won't be exclusive. You bet it won't. Dead rising is only exclusive because Microsoft bought it. Sony does not do that to thirds

webeblazing1502d ago

i doubt anyone would care about deep down on pc ftp games are dime a dozen and this game dont look special at all.

aquamala1503d ago

it's how gaming should be in the first place, you shouldn't have to buy 5 consoles(with all separate communities) to play all the games

Patrick_pk441503d ago

Then there won't be anything special about a console. It is called competition, one company has to be the winner of all consoles.

ShaunCameron1501d ago

Exactly. Exclusive games have been the ultimate selling point of consoles since almost forever. And consoles are usually remembered for such.

ShaunCameron1501d ago

Now here's a prime example of gamer entitlement.

<you shouldn't have to buy 5 consoles(with all separate communities) to play all the games>

rafaman1503d ago

First capcom says that the engine behind deep down is multiplataform, now they say this. Well, deep down pretty much confirmed to be coming to Xbox one. Sony don't pay third parties for exclusive games. We all know that

1503d ago