Is PlayStation Now The Future of Gaming?

Finally at CES 2014 the Gaikai based video game streaming service by Sony was announced as PlayStation Now. After rumours and speculation on what this could have been we finally have been shown the possibilities of what this service could offer and it certainly is looking bright for Sony.

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Hatsune-Miku1650d ago

The future of gaming is having a playstation now

johndoe112111649d ago

Really looking forward to it but call me old fashion, I want my consoles. It's just something about having a dedicated box that does not rely on an internet connection to play a single player campaign.

I'm fearful of any gaming service or device that stops me from playing my games if I loose my internet connection. Still, this service looks awesome and I'll definitely be getting it day one.

DanielGearSolid1649d ago

Youre the first person I see expressing valid concerns about the service...

All day its been "I wanna stream for free"
"Why should I have to buy again"
"Sony nickel and dime us"

johndoe112111649d ago

I think this is a brilliant service but should be kept as an option, this should never become the standard. I honestly don't think that this will ever become a standard.

Just like with the original xbox one vision, these types of devices and services will alienate too many of the gaming community.

Regardless of how advanced we get with the internet service worldwide, there will always be a lot of gamers who either don't have internet or whose internet really really sucks. And that will affect sales for any company.

This can revolutionize the gaming industry but the console market should, MUST not ever go away.

Team_Litt1649d ago

I seriously hope not. I'm not going to be able to afford my favorite if that is the case. My internet is slow and expensive, I barely have enough for my multiplayer needs.

moujahed1649d ago

Technically yes because this was pre-meditated and has yet to game... Since it involves gaming this is the future since it hasn't been applied yet. Now will gaming completely go into this direction??? Only if the consumer has their own Gaikai hub at home full of their gaming library... Since that's not the case this is not going to stop hard and digital copies and will be a hit or miss.

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The story is too old to be commented.