"Xbox Cloud?"

It has been common industry knowledge that Microsoft has been investing billions to improve their cloud infrastructure since 2009. They have set up data centers left and right and they are close to overthrowing Amazon as the number 1-cloud service providers.

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NatureOfLogic1678d ago

There's a lot of denial in this article.

GameNameFame1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

It was mostly for Office 365, Skydrive and etc.

In their 10K, they mentioned big of their Office business are.
Fanboys really needs to stop as if those cloud are made just for Xbox Live. Xbox Live is not even in their big picture. It was just added bonus.

Also, 300,000 are virtual servers. Lol. Not real.

Eonjay1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

The problem with cloud processing (to enhance a game running on a local machine) is that even at 300Mbs the Cloud could not deliver even 1 percent of the computational power that the Xbox can do by itself.

That is the problem most people bring up. For example, how do you get complex physics calculations that need to be in sync with each frame from the cloud to the Xbox in time to have a framrate to speak of.

The data bus that connects the CPU to the system memory can probably push 30Gbs. What will a 300 Mb internet connection be able to meaningfully contribute that the Xbox can't do by itself in less time.

Think, what is the maximum data transfer rate of the Xbox One's NIC?

iamnsuperman1677d ago

That is what Azure is mainly for (not gaming which is just a small slice of the Azure pie). Also they are trying to beat Amazon and Google in the server supplying business.

ShinMaster1677d ago

6 v 6 :


nukeitall1677d ago


What about computations that aren't frame sensitive?

Titanfalls uses the cloud for both AI and physics calculations. Forza 5 provided AI that mimics other players and not a pre-baked simpleminded AI that is typical in games.

or how about calculations that require massive real time data that isn't on obtainable on disc?

That is just a small example of what the cloud can do, with gazillion more processing power than the console itself.

What is interesting is with MS Cloud the dependency on the data provided by the cloud can be stretched out over multiple frames, way longer than most people's latency.

Yet, Playstation NOW requires that your input is in sync at every frame (that is after adding the latency to the frame length) on top of the fact that the output of the game i.e. the video feed needs also to be in sync, otherwise you are in some serious laggy and frustrating experience.

That is also ignoring video artifacts that already occur in high speed internal networks, let alone over the internet.

Given the two approaches, I will play my games on local hardware and get cloud power when available.

Dehnus1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Sigh, Thanks a lot Fish and Blow for this idiocy about virtual servers.

YES THERE ARE 300K SERVERS WORLD WIDE! Amazon also has that many if not more. All servers are virtual as well, if you knew anything about MS en Amazon their services you would know that you can just fire up a Windows XP or Linux server, with the requirements in hardware that you like.

So your "LOL NOT REAL", is very annoying to people that actually work with these services.

No I"m not saying it is useful for gaming. But that is not what you are questioning here.

At Eon:
You can actually precalculate a lot and send that within a certain latency and time frame That said it is a difficult thing to plan for and not something you can just "implement". Especially for things like Physics and graphics.

For instance you could render a distant plane of view, this doesn't need to be as sharp and can thus be a stream of fewer values. But all of this requires careful planning and creativity. A creativity that I only see First Party Titles from SOny and MS to have.

There is more to computing then bandwidth, bandwidth is nice but you still need to fill it ;).

Eonjay1677d ago


There are some things such as delayed light mapping that are not latency sensitive that can be left up to a cloud to process... but I wonder exactly how many process cycles you are actually recovering by doing it remotely.

Where this article really goes wrong is when it implies that the cloud can deliver 3x the power of a local machine by way of the internet. If that were the case the Xbox One would be little more than a network adapter. If the game was being rendered in its entirety remotely, this would be a completely different story.

What sony is doing is merely sending controller input to a virtural machine and sending the video output in the form of a constant video stream.

andibandit1677d ago


Thats not the problem with the cloud at all....the problem with the cloud is that it costs time/money to figure out which processes that are timing insensitive and implementing it in the cloud/remote server.

Eonjay1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )


I understand what you are saying. What you are describing sounds so tedious...micromanaging pre-calculated physics and graphics... and what I was describing is blatantly impossible... literally processing and transferring and building a frame in realtime over the internet - But thats what people think when they hear "Power of the Cloud"

TomShoe1677d ago

As always, I'll believe it when I see it.

"In the long run the main difference will be that Sony’s cloud services allow you to play games that you don’t have on your console while the Xbox Cloud will enable you to play games at a better performance level than on any cloud."

They're both held back by bandwidth of the receiver's internet connection. No matter how fast your super computer is. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about.

redwin1677d ago

I think that MS will show what they can do with the cloud when Titan Fall comes out. I'll hold my opinions until then, but I'm not happy that Sony is gonna charge to play my old Sony games in my new Sony system when I elready bough those games. and nobody has a problem with that. But since playstation Now is a different subscription I hope it's not behind a paywall a la MS.

H0RSE1677d ago


BF4 has 64 player support


nasnas761677d ago

Virtual servers still need physical hardware for them to exist. I can setup a physical PC server locally and have it setup as various servers for online use. EVERYTHING on the website is hosted physically by a server on a hard drive somewhere. To dumb it down, when you log into a system online, that's a virtual server. It's not a fake made up algorithm that only exists in a program. If it's as simple as writing a program to create a server, wouldn't they have 10 billion servers instead of 300,000...

P0werVR1677d ago


Those are 300,000 real servers buddy. If it was Sony claiming 300,000 servers then it will only make sense that it's virtual because we know they can't spend money on building actual servers when they're currently going through corporate spin-off of their company. Even if it's 300,000 virtual servers, that still requires significant additional infrastructure and very expensive.

Microsoft however have been spending 100s of millions of dollars building actual servers, especially the 250 million dollar servers currently in Finland specifaclly for Xbox Live in Europe and other services.


I believe your thinking too much in terms of actual processes. However that maybe we'll see how that reveals overtime. Other than that it is fact that most already announced titles from Microsoft's first party studios are utilizing Cloud Computing in very unique ways with innovative AI and exclusive gameplay features only done in the Cloud.

GameNameFame1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )


You are holding on to that straw very tightly. 300,000 servers are virtual for MS. Dude. I find i hilarious how desperately you are holding on to this.

Journalist already asked MS rep many times is it virtual or real. and MS rep has avoided that answering that question every time.

Also, you do realize cloud MS has is primarily for Office, outlook, skydrive, server service and etc. Not really made for gaming or Live. Those are just extras for them.

AI and stuff are already done on gaming servers since PS3. No matter how desperate you are, you cant call that some super cloud ability. LoL. MS Cloud is so good it can do 6v6 on Titanfall.

P0werVR1676d ago


Your grasping at straws in trying to prove me wrong. If anything there are only a hand full of corporations who are financially fit in building, and that is Google, Yahoo and the major ones.

That is fact that Microsoft has actual servers, especially 300,000 servers for Xbox Live.

Also, it's obvious in how you just named multiple Microsoft software and services without actually naming the core reason behind building the servers, and showing you don't know what your talking about. The servers are being built for Azure and where Microsoft's Cloud Computing is being used.

Grasping at straws?! Yeah, sure. Facts state so, not vague assumptions as your stating.

GameNameFame1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

uhhh. Article says nothing about 300,000 servers. Or Xbox Live for that matter.

You are desperately grasping man. Journalist already asked if 300,000 are real. MS kept being dodgy with the question. MS could not answer that question. That just confirms it being virtual servers.

And it is in MS 10k that their server business are for Office 365, skydrive, server licensing and etc. LOL. From MS. Not me. Also, server is not even for gaming purposes. Again, it is in their 10K business plan.

I love your fanboy desperation thou man. Xbox One games are out. And tell me, what impact does so called "cloud" have? Drivatar? LOL. Come on any dedicated server has similar capability for almost a decade.

ahaha. "facts" Your article says nothing about XBL. MS never said or clarified "virtual" they kept dodging question. MS said servers are for office offerings.

Those are facts. Stop getting so desperate man. ahahah

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lolCHILLbro1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Why do all the Playstation fanboys need other peoples approval for their preference of console? are you guys really that insecure? keep downplaying Xbox lol its pathetic here on N4G

GamerXD1677d ago

Don't question 'em. Xbox fanboys do downplay PS stuffs.

Kryptix1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

You downplay Playstation all the time on N4G, so you're calling yourself pathetic. lol That's the funny part, your own logic also keeps attacking you every time you post something.

XiSasukeUchiha1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )


Sigh..... and why do u care about these care about this Fanboys will downplay everything just see if Sony or MS give a gf or a life
I don't hate either and know this I'm a fanboy of logic sue me!

OT: XBOne cloud all is puff of smoke!

Pogue19061677d ago

There's a lot of truth in this article

stuna11678d ago

From what I read this is based on personal opinion, sprinkled with factual information here and there! As far as Live in comparison with PSN, the speculation of which is better still comes down to personal preference! In other words opinion.

In respects to the cloud services in question; I think everyone and their momma has heard about Microsoft's 300,000 server cloud infrastructure, but as far as capability most don't know zilch! We don't know how many are physical and how many are virtual, but one thing you can be assured of.....there's no way on God's green earth that the full 300,000 will be used solely for the Xbox1. The Xbox1 has been out close to 2 months now, which launch titles that are supposedly reported to use the cloud services that Microsoft has at there disposal, Forza 5 comes to mind, but the thing that I keep racking my brain about is the fact that nobody is talking about how well the game is utilizing the "Power of the Cloud"! No one is making a peep about it, but if you listen every once in a while you might hear someone at Microsoft bring it up.

Sony has just started talking about how the "Power of the Cloud",and on how they plan on implementing it even though Sony has been using certain aspects of the cloud for a while now. We have those here who are quick to point out how when Microsoft spoke on their plans of using the Cloud and it's applications concerning the Xbox1 how as they put it "Sony Fanboys/SDF" or what have you, where just trying to find or say something negative about Microsoft and ultimately the Xbox1, just because of their dislike or hate. But I'll say that's not my intention at all.

My take on the difference between Microsoft and Sony's endeavor into realizing the "Power of the Cloud"´ is Sony is showing how they are planning on using it with working models! Microsoft on the other hand isn't showing anything that would scream unable to be achieved but by us.

KrisButtar1678d ago

"In fact Microsoft members were seen playing Xbox 360’s Halo 3 on a Lumia and Xbox One during a company meeting."

That sounds like big news, why is this the 1st time I'm hearing about it

blackout1678d ago

Well to keep it simple, Microsoft has the most servers on the planet. They just over took Amazon. Also Microsoft continues to elaborate on there servers so it will continue to rise in numbers. Whether you believe it or not the CLOUD is the feature that will be used for everything, not just gaming. Every company is starting to make major investment in to it. There was a time not to long ago when everyone laughed and made fun of Microsoft for even mentioning the CLOUD, now Sony come to surface with there version and it the best thing since sliced bread. The server count and the money Microsoft has to back whatever there about to do, not to many companies are going to able to hang.

GameNameFame1678d ago

In your delusional fanboy mind, you somehow think MS pioneered cloud.

They didnt... Amazon has huge cloud server. Openstack does as well. Google does as well.

And all of them got in earlier. As for cloud in game side, we have Onlive and Gaikai who pioneered this. Gaikai is now owned by Sony.

Insomnia_841677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

And it was Sony the first one to ever mention the word CLOUD and use it in the console business with their cloud saves. Microsoft followed months later.

MS following daddy's footsteps as always and when they cone up with something of their own it's always in a f***-the-consumer way and everything goes wrong.

SonofGod1677d ago

Microsoft's cloud uses cloud computations for in-game tasks, Sony doesn't. YET.

GameNameFame1677d ago


They actually do. It is called a server. LOL

Cloud is such a general term, but MS has not been using it that specially.

Running AI on server or "cloud" has been done for decade especially more on MMO side. Some PS3 games that has dedicated servers do it. MMOs on PS3 does it.

JasonKCK1678d ago

MS has the most servers for gaming but not the most on the planet.

johndoe112111677d ago

"There was a time not to long ago when everyone laughed and made fun of Microsoft for even mentioning the CLOUD, now Sony come to surface with there version and it the best thing since sliced bread."

What the hell are you talking about??? Microsoft only mentioned the 300,000 servers last year at the xbox reveal, sony bought gaikai since 2012. Get your facts straight.

SonofGod1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

YOU get your facts straight. Sony said they would be using cloud on PS4 AFTER MS said they would do it with XO. And MS has had servers long before Sony acquired Gaikai as MS is a software company much larger than Sony.

And cloud computation is not a joke, it's being used on Titanfall, Forza 5 and will be used on Halo 5.

I know i'm going to get downvoted for this because it's a pro- MS comment, even though it's fact.

N4G logic.

johndoe112111677d ago


Honestly, I actually began writing a detailed response to your comment but then it hit me. If after reading what he wrote and then reading what I wrote, you can still not understand a bloody thing that we were referring to and come up with that irrelevant non applicable response to something that has nothing to do with the topic in the first place, then you are beyond reasoning and really not worth the effort.

One thing though, maybe you're right. Maybe when sony purchased gaikai, the game streaming CLOUD BASED service in 2012, maybe they only bought it to show off how much money they had. They probably had no intention of using it. I think they just wanted the servers to run knack. What do you think? (your response is not required).

SonofGod1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Then can you tell me what you meant with this:

"What the hell are you talking about??? Microsoft only mentioned the 300,000 servers last year at the xbox reveal, sony bought gaikai since 2012. Get your facts straight."

I might have confused you with my three last sentences, just ignore them this time.

Can you tell me what is irrelevant?

Microsoft Azure: February, 2010

Gaikai acquired by Sony: July, 2012

It's not that hard really.

johndoe112111677d ago


He was referring to the 300,000 servers that microsoft announced at the xbox one reveal in 2013. We are not talking about the thousands of servers they have always had running their various business services.

Those 300,000 servers for cloud gaming were only mentioned last year. Sony had made an offer to purchase gaikai since june 2012. This shows that sony had the cloud gaming idea long before any of us realized.

Also in case you didn't know, sony has been using dedicated servers for their ps3 games for years. This is nothing new to them.

And finally, I agree that cloud computing is not a joke but it is no way as ground breaking as you or microsoft is making it out to be when used the way they are touting. Exactly how did it make forza 5 stand out? Have you seen it work in titanfall or halo 5? How is it improving the game? what are those games doing that could not be done on the ps4 without the all powerful "cloud"?

Stop vomiting out Microsoft propaganda and think for yourself. We are far from the days where cloud COMPUTING (not streaming) will make a significant difference in gaming for the simple fact that the internet services around the world are not ready.

H0RSE1677d ago

Those "300,000" servers (at least in part) were available before they were announced for Xbox One. The announcement simply solidified that MS would be using their already up and running servers, for Xbox One. Much of the infrastructure was already in place prior to "the cloud" announcement(s) for X1.

Furthermore, MS's Azure tech was developed in-house, to work with other MS software, while Sony's Gaikai was merely purchased from an outside source.

Not only was MS first to the party, they have dedicated much more time/money into the R&D aspect of cloud technology, and have a much larger infrastructure in place.

johndoe112111677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )


And yet we've seen absolutely SH!TALL of this "infrastructure" except for some "drivatars" in forza while sony is getting ready to usher in a new era in gaming to the world.

One has been "first to the party, they have dedicated much more time/money into the R&D aspect of cloud technology, and have a much larger infrastructure in place" and has shown absolutely NOTHING significant with it and the other which doesn't have the money and has a much smaller infrastructure is ready to evolve gaming.

The only thing more senseless and irrelevant than your argument is the actual utilization of microsoft's cloud technology thus far.

H0RSE1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

"And yet we've seen absolutely SH!TALL of this "infrastructure" except for some "drivatars" in forza.."

- That would lie more on the devs, not MS. Devs are not required to implement cloud features into their games - it's there for those that wish to use them. That being said, features like drivatrs in Forza, or the work Respawn is doing with AI and the cloud, are likely features that Gaikai isn't even capable of. Remember, Respawn approached both Sony and MS, and Sony couldn't deliver the goods:

"The cloud services aren’t limited to Xbox One games either, and Respawn uses them for the Windows PC and Xbox 360 versions of Titanfall as well. Respawn approached both Sony and Microsoft about this problem, and Microsoft was the one to implement a solution, Shiring writes.

“Microsoft realized that player-hosted servers are actually holding back online gaming and that this is something that they could help solve, and ran full-speed with this idea,” he writes. “So they built this powerful system to let us create all sorts of tasks that they will run for us, and it can scale up and down automatically as players come and go.”"



"while sony is getting ready to usher in a new era in gaming to the world."

- you mean building on a feature that OnLive introduced years ago?...


"One has been "first to the party, they have dedicated much more time/money into the R&D aspect of cloud technology, and have a much larger infrastructure in place" and has shown absolutely NOTHING significant with it..."

- MS actually have a lot of significance to show for it. See, Azure isn't just for Xbox. It has been around for years, and overall, devs love it. It has been used extensively outside of gaming, and even has support for Linux. In other words, Gaikai was purchased for specific reasons within a specific realm (gaming,) while MS Azure is much more open source and versatile, with gaming being just one aspect it's being used in.

"Gaikai is not MS Azure, they provide completely different services. Gaikai is for streaming compressed video of games running entirely on their servers, down to another device (PS4 or Vita in this case), and that is all at this point. MS Azure is a service that allows you to write programs and use their remote servers to run them."


"and the other which doesn't have the money and has a much smaller infrastructure is ready to evolve gaming."

- Again, OnLive did this years ago...

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NeoTribe1677d ago

People made fun of and continue to make fun of ms cloud because they claim it can do things it plain and simply cannot (cloud computing). Sony is using cloud to stream live tv and games, even introducing a streaming game rental service. Thats called innovation and simple truth. Sony is not going around saying there cloud service can make your games 12x more powerful and cook you breakfast. K?

H0RSE1676d ago

"Sony is using cloud to stream live tv and games, even introducing a streaming game rental service. Thats called innovation and simple truth."

moujahed1677d ago

All it takes is for a 13 year old kid in Poland to get bored one day and just fuck up the Cloud servers for a solid 3months.

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mhunterjr1678d ago

I wish we could stop perpetuating the notion of 'wars'. There is no war. There is a marketplace. One in which multiple competitors can thrive while competing.

In this case MS will have a cloud service, and Sony will have a cloud service. Chances are a lot of people will use both, and both will make a lot of money.

Which one will make more money? Who cares?

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