"How We Created Kaz Hirai’s CES ’14 Keynote in Real-Time" Playstation Blog

by Rex Crowle: "At Media Molecule we’re in love with real-world materials, particularly ones that allow creative expression (just look at our games!), so it was great to be asked to get involved in attempting to make a ‘physical keynote’ for CES as part of Kaz Hirai’s presentation."

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mushroomwig1471d ago

Original and creative idea, it was great to watch.

cleft51470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Even their Keynote was brilliant, Sony really is doing things that no one else is even considering right now. Glad to own a PS3, PS4 and PSVita.

brightlight1470d ago

Gotta admit it made me stay till the end, I usually find those keynote boring , but that one was just entertaining. kudos to sony synergy teams

PSjesus1470d ago

Glad to see Media Molecule being part of the presentation

miyamoto1471d ago

Sony PlayStation is about freedom of many choices

DigitalRaptor1470d ago

Media Molecule are such a valuable asset. Great guys.

And Vince Gilligan!?

Idba1470d ago

Kinda off topic but, Kaz Hirai's english was fucking good. Never heard him talk untill the CES Keynote and i didnt expect his english to be that good

dontbhatin1470d ago

You must be new to tracking the gaming scene if you have never heard him speak before.

DoctorJones1470d ago

Why wouldn't his English be that good? He's spent a good deal of his life living and working in America.

XiSasukeUchiha1470d ago

Damn genius, fantastic should deserve an emmy!