The Last Gen: Why the PS4 Could be Sony’s Final Home Console

Laser Lemming Write "It may soon be possible to play Knack on a PS3, or on a TV without the need of a console at all, just a pad.

That thought alone is absolutely mind blowing, not only does it mean that I don’t necessarily have to buy a PS4 to play the latest Sony games anymore, but that I potentially will never need to buy another console or games ever again.

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iamnsuperman1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I think it is nice to think you can stream any game with no problems. But with games becoming increasingly demanding and our infrastructure being too costly to upgrade game streaming only services as the main way is a long way off. PS3 fine and definitely older titles but there are problems going streaming. I see the move as a way to sell its Tvs and other devices while being the first major game company to do it. Essentially getting in first means they can get a greater control (than its competitors) over something that may become more important especially if consoles go out of fashion (which makes this service a fall back option for Sony as they have invested a lot into gaming)

wheresmymonkey1682d ago

I agree, but if this gen lasts as long as the last one did then by the time they're thinking about winding up the ps4 as a platform then we may be at a point where its more feasible.

Right now results are mixed to say the least. Onlive shows that its certainly possible to stream a game with no problems at least some of the time.

mikeslemonade1682d ago

With 2160p and 4320p coming that's not feasible. Each game will be 200GB.

Army_of_Darkness1681d ago

Sony has a last console every gen.... Lol! I don't think consoles are going anywhere cause games these days are getting bigger and better by the year and I can't imagine streaming a 60gb game without issues.

Tru_Blu1682d ago

Agree, until a majority are running 1Gb/s fiber connections no way can streaming even come close to what a dedicated counsel can do. Even then I'd chose physical hardware over streaming anyday.

medman1681d ago

You're major issue would be the infrastructure not able to support this without serious bottlenecks, severely hampering the experience. Also, how greedy will the providers be? Will every company try to implement a data cap? If so, forget it, the average consumer couldn't afford it.

stuna11682d ago

I know this might sound crazy, but I think it's a possibility in Sony's case, I can actually envision Sony intergrating the physical hardware (CPU/GPU’s) of a consoles inside the actual TV.

imXify1682d ago

I thought of that before but there are many problems.

- The cost
- Many TV sizes / resolutions
- Too many different setups. 3 console bundles with 5 different tv sizes and we're already at 15 different possibilities.
- Consumer would want pay for the TV but not for the console

lonelyplayer1682d ago

I think we'll see ps5 sooner than later, say 3 years and it'll be compatible with ps4 games.

Ultr1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

3 years is very(too) soon, 5 is more plausible. But yeah, cycle will be shorter

lonelyplayer1682d ago

I think it'll be more ps4.5

iamnsuperman1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

That's too soon. I think Microsoft and Sony have learnt that if they have long cycles they end up making a larger profit on the system and when the new one is release there is an extremely high demand for it. I expect a 7 year cycle

sonic9891682d ago

nice work .
did you shake hands with Kaz hirai while having coffee

DanielGearSolid1682d ago

Ppl are making PsNow out to be something its not

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