Horror developer announces killable children in Alas Mortis

“Alas Mortis” revolves around a group of ten humans trying to survive against a bat-like demonoid hunting them down in a variety of environments.

I’m aiming to get it on early access on Steam, but for right now we’re in the very early stages revolving around minor bits of programming, modelling, level design, and mostly concept work. Today, I’ll be showing off our newest character reveal, Amelia Stuart and hopefully we won’t see too much controversy for putting her in-game.

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-Foxtrot1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I know it's hard to say this with it being a touchy subject, the most obvious response is "You want to kill children" but I'm glad a developer is not scared of this sort of stuff. It killed Fallout 3 for me in some ways because I just feel like having invincible characters ruins the flow of the game which is about surviving and morale choices.

I mean that Mayor Mcreedy guy in Little Lamp Light when it threatens to "blow your head off", I was like "you little s*** who the hell do you think you are" as I raised my shotgun to him but realized I couldn't hurt him

Imagine accidentally killing someones child in Fallout or Elder Scrolls only for their parents to either send assassins/Mercs on you or end up trying to kill you themselves in a random event. It would defiantly add some tough morale choices in the game

Not to mention I find it off how games like GTA for example don't have children walking around the streets or schools for the matter.

Manio311507d ago

Right? Here's hoping nothing negative happens.

Concertoine1507d ago

The closest thing i can think of in a mainstream game is in Prey where you see a young kid get impaled on a pole by a possessed kid.

JohnnyTower1506d ago

Well that and the Little Sisters. Those girls creep me out.

itisallaboutps1506d ago

here is the link if you guys want to check it out. Disturbing in every possible way, and provocative

-Foxtrot1506d ago

Dead Space 2 exploding babies we're pretty close....but since they are necromorphs it apparently doesn't's fine /s

If they are infected I don't see why Zombie kids are a problem in Zombie games

Concertoine1506d ago

I know, that really shocked me when i played it all those years ago. I think that game's super underrated. Obviously the gunplay is a little meh but the atmosphere is cool, gun designs are cool, and the puzzles and effects are still awesome and fresh. I think if the game actually sold well enough that would've been all over Fox and CNN.

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MadSientist891506d ago

so you tried killing kids in fallout and because they didn't die it ruined the flow? what kinda sick bastard are you :P

nope1111506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

@Foxtrot Oh god i hated Lamp Light! i wanted murder that POS mayor lol.

I don't know if anyone remembers a little gem on the PS2/Xbox called:
The Suffering: Ties that Bind, awesome game that was. Anyway, there was one part of the game where you can kill a baby for evil karma, seriously, although the baby was covered by a blanket.

NeXXXuS1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

And then the media comes in...

I'm pretty happy that they're taking a risk with this. There were so many times in FFXIII where I wished Hope would just die. We see children and teens die in movies all the time. Hell, The Last of Us had a depressing opening which hit me right in the feels.

voodoopickle1506d ago

And on the PS2 in "clock Tower 3" you saw a little girl get bludgeoned by a ghost with a giant sledgehammer. I didn't see that one coming. added a whole new level of fear to the game

Ripsta7th1507d ago

Yup the media will hit them hard. They will be blamed for whatever bad happens in the next 10 years... sadly

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1507d ago

The older Fallout games used to have the option to do this as well until they got Bethesda'd.

Buzz7S1507d ago

This game will be pirated a lot and sell 'okay' because of this one thing alone. It is kinda sad, but at least they are getting their name out there, which can end up being a huge positive in the long run.

That said, I can't wait for Fox News to get wind of this (and the article :p) and turn it into another "Mass Effect is all about having sex" segment.

JohnnyTower1506d ago

Isnt Fox News an Oxymoron?

pandehz1506d ago

Isnt Fox News a Moron?


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