Decoding the Uncharted 4 Teaser

So where will Every lead us? Based on the trailer, I suspect a more religious location this time around. "For God and Liberty," isn't the only biblical language in the trailer. There are also two references to hell, and the Latin phrase Hodie Mecum Eris in Paradiso, or "Today you will be with me in Paradise." It's probably the only time you'll see Jesus Christ quoted in a triple-A trailer.

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DeletedAcc1654d ago

UNCHARTED 4 feels so different with the teaser. Im curious, if ND could do it again. Surpass their latest game.
This time it will be almost impossible (TLOU)

but in ND we trust

sobotz1654d ago

I thinks it's gonna be totally different formula than the previous 3. Probably it's a pirate game, playing as Francis Drake.

goldwyncq1654d ago

I'm pretty sure AK-47s didn't exist back in the pirate era.

sobotz1654d ago

Why must there be an AK-47? We still can use a pistol, rifle, and maybe sword for melee fight. and there's already a lot of rumor on this uncharted's pirate-theme too

goldwyncq1653d ago

One of the mo cap actors posted a photo on instagram of a corpse with an AK-47.

Sitdown1654d ago

Why did the person change the title? And did I missed the part in the article where Jesus was quoted?

OrangePowerz1654d ago

A lot of phrases have been used by pirates so it doesn't mean it will be more about religion. It could be have more religious content, but it might not because the phrases have been used outside of the bible.

CaptainSellers1654d ago

Don't know why there is still speculation that the voice is Sir Francis Drake, he was an Englishmen and the guy from the teaser clearly sounds like some kind of American accent.

iTehDroiD1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Stashwick (mo cap actor in Uncharted 4)recently posted this photo on instagramm:

You can clearly see an ak-47 there so we can be sure we will see Nathan Drake again. But it's still possible that we get to see/play some flashbacks from Francis Drake as a Pirate.

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