Papo & Yo Dev Responds Publicly to a Letter From an Anonymous Troubled Fan

Ultra Unboxing - Minority Media, the talented group behind Papo & Yo and the approaching game Silent Enemy, is all class. The little indie studio comprised of devs with a strong AAA background formed around Papo, creator Vander Caballero’s quiet, puzzle-driven reflection on the troubled relationship he had with his father, an alcoholic. Quiet Enemy, the studio’s next game, checks out the realities of bullying. Both games take a look at their subject using a large dosage of wonderful realism.

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Lukejrl1679d ago

While awesome that people can connect with the experience, and also awesome that the people making it could connect and see their fruitage, I am really curious of at least some of the contents of that letter.

MeteorPanda1678d ago

l know right. the curiosity is too much and this is the internet where curiosity is solved with a google search :<

coolbeans1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

As disappointed as I was in Papo & Yo, this Quiet Enemy title looks like it can be a real winner (haven't heard of it until now).

XiSasukeUchiha1678d ago

I love devs when the do this it connects to our hearts