NBA 2K14 3K VC Codes from 2K Sports

New locker code has been unlocked. Enter the following in NBA 2K14 to receive the free 3000 VC reward from 2K Sports. Available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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RioKing1650d ago

Type this in on PS4 exactly how it's shown and getting an "invalid code" error. What am I doing wrong?

iceman061650d ago

Make sure that you are using all caps and the dashes. Just did mine and it worked.

1650d ago
bigbearsack1650d ago

This whole virtual currency is just plain stupid. This bull might stop me from playing nexts years version.

Prime1571649d ago

They are just trying to get us used to microtransactions. I brr some people but into it.

dsswoosh1650d ago

Dont worry, you arent the only one, many PS4's do not work :)

iceman061650d ago

make sure you are using all caps and should work.

denero11650d ago

yayyyy virtual currency for a nba game to get skill points to level up your player thanks :) i remember back in the day when you just played in could get this without the extra grind

gameonbro1650d ago

yeah i hate it but i do the vc trick when i log into 2k so im always ahead of the 8k i need to max my stats

BoriboyShoGUN1650d ago

No one earns anything anymore :( its just buy points get this get that! Makes me sick!!

Takwin1649d ago

I bought this game and it had been my favorite sports game series if all time. I'm sick to death of the virtual currency and the saving to their servers and simming seasons not earning anything. I will NEVER buy another 2K sports game unless they ditch the online currency and the ludicrous need to save my single players franchises to their absolutely terrible and unreliable servers.

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