Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2014

VGS: 'With the release of the PlayStation 4 (and in many countries the Xbox One as well) and several great games to close off the previous generation, 2013 was a great year for gaming. From the looks of it, 2014 won't be any less impressive. Here are my ten most anticipated titles of this year.'

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Nyxus1653d ago

It's in the honorable mentions but it's a game I want to see more before I'm convinced.

ForgottenProphecy1653d ago

Agreed. Titanfall is being ridiculously over-hyped. I can see it being even a great game, but I just can't see a multiplayer only game being a system seller.

guitarded771653d ago

Yup-yup. Pretty similar to what my top 10 would be. I'm playing wait and see with TitanFall. So far I've seen nothing that makes it a must have.

CourierSix1653d ago


Totally agree. I reckon it'll go the way of Brink, promise much, deliver little, but it doesn't hurt to wait and see.

Nero13141653d ago

Shitty list . They forgot so many games

ForgottenProphecy1653d ago

With a list of 10, it's kind of hard to mention all of them. Plus, it is also 100% opinion based, which some people seem to forget.

Gabenbrah1653d ago

Ryse on the list... This person clearly doesn't know what games are releasing in 2014

Nyxus1653d ago

This person lives in a country Ryse hasn't released yet.

Neavan1653d ago

Most of them are a Wii U Games =p

deadfrag1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Whats the problem!?I would only take Ryse down an add Castlevania LOS 2 in its place.And doing so adding Quantum Break that is my most wanted game for the Xboxone.

Nyxus1653d ago

Yeah those are good choices as well.

Outlaw19861653d ago

1. Infamous second son
2. Destiny
3. Titanfall
4. Halo
5. Watch Dogs
7. The Order 1886
8. Metal Gear Solid
9. Dying Light
10. NHL 15
+ unannounced game maybe.

Meltic1653d ago

i Think its delayed until 2015

Meltic1653d ago

Nice list im unsure if Metal gear solid 5 is good or not. It cost 30$ only. I hope not that the storyline is like 4 hours long. I know that the phantom pain is coming later but just think logically

Outlaw19861653d ago

I'm hoping part two of that will be out this year. I was running out of games for the last few but Thief could be in there. I'm sure there's some unannounced games though that will be out this year.

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