Top 10 Hottest Female Villains in Gaming

CCC Says: "I can’t be the only guy on Earth that has thought the female villain busting my head open in-game was kind of hot. Like maybe the kind of hot I would hope to run into at a fan convention, and maybe have drinks with, and then, well, who knows? But regardless of all that, there are a ton of hot female badasses out there who can stomp a mud hole out of my characters anytime. Here are ten of my favorites."

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Relientk771566d ago

Wait they just said GlaDOS is hot. Um what

Snookies121566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

The dark side of technophilia... lol.

Summons751566d ago

Forget GLaDOS....they had flemeth on there, she's like 1000 years old or something like that *shivers* eck.

admiralvic1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

How is Catherine or Katherine a villain?

Catherine (the game) is about Vincent's indecision and whether or not he is ready to commit himself (marriage / have a baby) or if he wants to continue with his meaningless relationships. None of the characters are exactly evil and any case you could make for Katherine / Catherine could also be made for Vincent (stringing Katherine along, Playing with Catherine's emotions, etc). At most these characters would be antagonists, though the only one really causing problems for Vincent, is Vincent himself.

-slightly more on topic-

Poison is a guy...

Summons751566d ago

Well the villain who is actually creating the nightmare which vincent's indecision got himself trapped a villain.

(sorry, trying to not spoil for those who haven't played it yet)

JohnnyTower1566d ago

Harley Quinn is my crush. I know shes technically not just a gaming villain, but her style in the Arkham games has given me a new....appreciation of her beauty. And her voice from the Animated Series only added to her hotness.

Anthotis1566d ago

Now this, is how articles about females in games should be written.

TetsujinFranky1566d ago

The inclusion of Poison in this list is... interesting

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