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Virtua Fighter 5 Review | Martial Arts Video Games

For those who are fans of martial arts, Virtua Fighter 5 from SEGA is one of the favorite games. The fighting game was developed by black belts. Since first appeared in 2006, the Virtua Fighter 5 game evolved to the last version of Final Showdown, including a brand new character – the karate warrior Jean, smooth online play and new balance tweaks.Virtua Fighter 5 has fluidity and depth. (PS3, Virtua Fighter 5, Xbox 360) 8.3/10

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Gran Touring  +   348d ago
Yeah, VF5 is a great fighter, but I really hope there's a new VF coming soon. The original VF5 came out nearly 8 years ago...
jetlian  +   348d ago
Vf5 fs came out june 2012 its 15 dollars on xbla,psn
Gran Touring  +   348d ago
I'm not talking about final showdown, I'm talking about VF5 ver. A, "Vanilla" VF5
jetlian  +   348d ago
FS feels different than vanilla 5.almost like anew game. I do agree with needing 6
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   348d ago
I dare anyone one of you to challenge my el blaze. I'm on 360. Let's see who steps up.
memots  +   348d ago
OMG the Thumbnail is showing a soldier with a bikini top.
Lets call them all a bunch of misogynistic developers ....


On topic this game is always fun to go back to.
pennywhyz  +   348d ago
Luv VF series.

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