3 questions that need answering about Netflix-like PlayStation Now

In theory, PlayStation Now sounds amazing. A number of questions still need to be answered about the service though and some of them could make or break how popular and game-changing it could become.

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pat_11_51594d ago

I think PlayStation Now is awesome, but until we know more about it, I'm on the fence. Price is everything for me with this one.

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ABizzel11594d ago

It should be:
1. Price
2. Games / Content
3. Performance (specifically lag)
4. Cloud Space

If you don't have the recommended internet connection then don't waste your time and money.

1. It can't cost more than $10 a month, of it won't take off. Even $12 is pushing it. On top of that they need to add the PS+ games into the mix, whatever the free games from PS+ are they should also be the free games added to your streaming library. The earning made from subscriptions can go to offering a free game each week which would allow gamers to build up a library of 52 games per year for only $120/yr. On top of this most of the PS3 games are already older and can be found for $10 - $30 new, and even less used, so it's not like developers would be missing a ton of profit, especially considering they aren't making much of any on most of their games that are over 1 year old. On top of that developers can make their money back by offer the game for free, and selling the DLC at full / reduced price as part of the game of the week deal.

2. The beta is going to offer a few games, and I suspect it'll add more with each month, but they need to have a wide selection of games. Sony themselves have published over 100 retail games over the PS3's lifecycle, and over 400 when you add in digital titles, so if they use all their content alone, PS Now is off to a good start. The final big push it needs will be based on the 3rd party support it gets. Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Assassin Creed Trilogy, Bioshock Trilogy, and more would seal the deal for many people. I think most of the newer games will only offer 1 hour game trails that can be repeated.

3. Plain and simply the lag needs to come down some more. Games are still playable, but the delayed motions will ruin the otherwise great experience. It all depends on your connection, so we'll have to see just how good / bad it is for each of us, but if they can get it down to PS4 remote play levels, then I'm sold.

4. How are we going to store all of this? PS+ is eating up our HDD, so part of our subscription needs to go into dedicated cloud storage space. Hopefully instead of giving use the whole game (which I know many would prefer) the service just gives us the unlock key (100KB vs 10GB), and we can access the game that way, and easily have a reasonable 1GB of cloud storage for our games.

100KB unlock = 10,000 game keys w. 1GB of storage :D
10GB games = PS Now cost rising to that $30 a month plan :(

Bobby Kotex1594d ago

Netflix-like? Really poor analogy.

Software_Lover1594d ago

That's exactly what it is though.

You're paying to watch/play. You stop paying, you can't watch/play. Your internet goes down, you can't watch/play. Slow internet, you don't get the HD versions on Netflix (not sure about playstation now).

ABizzel11594d ago

Amazon Prime would be better. Some movies are free, while others you pay for.

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