The Daily Five: LEGO Games We Want

"As fun as blasting aliens with space marines, sailing the Caribbean, and struggling to survive against an army of crazed cult members is, sometimes you just want a game that is funny and safe for the entire family. That is what has made the Lego games great for so long. They manage to combine basic action/platforming gameplay with nostalgia, humor, and just a hefty dose of family fun." Travis Tucker, Stealthy Box

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Coach_McGuirk1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

i'm still waiting for one where you can actually build..

edit: should have clarified.. a lego game where building is the focus

Coach_McGuirk1647d ago

played it, thanks though. What i'm talking about is like a virtual lego world where you build, like minecraft, but with varying piece shapes/sizes, and physics so when you crash your built car parts fall off accordingly. Ambitious, I know, but I'll keep waiting.

barb_wire1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 has a level creator, where you could make your own levels BUT for whatever reason TT Games decided not to allow you to share levels online.. What should have a killer bonus on the game became a big fat nothing. (Harry Potter yrs 1-4, has a similiar although stripped down version)

As for LEGO games I'd like to see..

The Simpsons (all of Springfield LEGO-fied)
Star Trek
James Bond