This Is What Persona 3 Looked Like During Its Prototype Stage

It’s been well over six years since Atlus released Persona 3 for PlayStation 2, and since then, it has been known for being the title that expanded the popularity of the franchise in both Japan and the west. In an old blog post, series director Katsura Hashino shared a look at what the game looked like in its prototype stage.

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SoulSercher6201528d ago

It looks like it would have been closer to P1-P2 style had this gone through, I think.

DCfan1528d ago

Looks like a beefed up Persona 2.

TheDivine1528d ago

Holy flipping awesome Batman. They should totally do something with that. I liked the end game but the dungeons, well dungeon, was extremely boring. This looks more fun gameplay wise and more visually appealing.

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