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Apparently Titanfall’s AI Will Act As Cannon Fodder And XP Boosters

Dylan Z of iGR writes: "Recently Polygon interviewed Justin Hendry, lead designer at Respawn Entertainment. During the lengthy interview meant to provide clarity to several issues surrounding Respawn’s design choices in Titanfall, a new problem was brought to light all together." (PC, Respawn Entertainment, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

AngelicIceDiamond  +   686d ago
"They’re (AI) meant to serve several different functions. On one level, the AI characters are there as fodder for players who simply aren’t good enough to kill other player-controlled characters. They also serve as an easier way to load up on the experience needed to call in a Titan."

Btw this isn't a direct quote from the dev (at least I hope not).

This is. “AI play their own role in the game and are a different class of character in the game.”

I think the the top quote is misleading interpretation from the editor.

Either way I hope Respawn are listening to every bit of the negative scenarios with such high counts of AI players and lower counts of real human combatants.
NewMonday  +   686d ago
the AI xp boost is a direct quot from this thread..

Irishguy95  +   685d ago
XP is not their only function either.

Everyone on this site and generally around the net just jumped to their own conclusion on the AI enemies/allies in this game. Instead of actually searching for info on what the Ai is.

mhunterjr has it spot on down below. Even without detailing what else the Ai are in the game for. This game is not your typical - "team death match" game. Which is all the assumers try to compare it too. It's not surprising though, PS fanboys have been trying to downplay this game since it's reveal along with saying they'll wait for Titanfall 2 because it'll be better(stupidest argument yet). Whereas anyone who has played it says its amazing.

Also, this article is just more flamebait. Picking out one aspect of the Ai and acting as it's the sole focus of the Ai
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Anthotis  +   685d ago
AI is no substitute for human controlled characters.

All this AI is simply a cover for game limitations.
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cleft5  +   685d ago
The main problem with this is that the player will now be getting killed by other people as well as other AI. If this game has killstreaks or something similar to that, good players are going to be able to farm AI to get those streaks even faster.

Then there is the whole issue of K/D, while that stuff means nothing to me there are a lot of people really into that stuff. So how do you determine a players K/D, will there be special notation for K/D for human player kills versus AI kills? How seriously can a hardcore player take the game with AI combatants? This creates so many questions and potential issues that it really will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Regardless I do think people are right to be cautious about this game.
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nasnas76  +   685d ago
@cleft5, there's an interview where they were explaining the points system. Killing an AI is the minimal points, say 1pt. Killing a player is like 7pt or something, and a Titan was like 15pts. Can't really remember the exact points but you get the idea.

They can easily adjust K/D ratio by having it just record player K/D and a secondary overall K/D. Not sure what they're plan is but it can be easily figured out.
mhunterjr  +   686d ago
I really don't think they should be listening to negative feedback from people who haven't played the game. They came to the player count based on how it felt compared to other player counts. The result of their testing was that 6v6 played the best.

They brought 6v6 builds to gamescom and PAX. The general consensus from people that have played it, is that it is AWESOME as is. They shouldn't risk screwing up the balancing of a game that many people already enjoyed, just to satisfy folks who want an arbitrarily high player count.
Visiblemarc  +   685d ago
Playing for 5 minutes at a show is not play testing. The negativity regarding speculation on this game is just as legitimate/illegitimate as the postive speculation. This game has A LOT to prove.

I, for one, hope it's awesome, but find it's deification by MS fanboys to be premature and baseless. It's not like this is a Halo sequel or a known property...in which case I could understand being "sure" it's going to be great.

This game is a big question mark, and people have to relax. (Both supporters and detractors, btw)
mhunterjr  +   685d ago

1) you don't think the developer has spent more that five minutes with the game, play testing it to determine what is best for it?

2) the positive specular is based on hands one time that thousands of gamers/journalists have spent with the game. The negative speculation is based on desire for an arbitrarily higher player count. Those views are certainly not equally legitamate

3) of course the game has a lot to prove. They all do, especially new IPs. But that doesn't make this rant about player count logical. Especially when the gameplay that sparked the excitement was generated with the 'low player count'
malokevi  +   685d ago
Fanboys hate you for being right, hunter.
nasnas76  +   685d ago
Funny how non-game developers think they know how to product test better than experienced developers. I'm sure they know 30-minute testings in PAX, etc can only get so much feedback. I'm also certain those aren't the only testings/feedback they do.
3-4-5  +   685d ago
So they are a mix between bots from FPS games and mobs from MOBA games ?
lolCHILLbro  +   685d ago
The AI in Titanfall will be the story drivers in multiplayer, acting out cut scenes and so forth, then this "Apparently Titanfall’s AI Will Act As Cannon Fodder And XP Boosters" its also apparent that nobody knows what they want, everyone screamed that Titanfall has no single player, when they add something to counter that with this AI everyone is down on that aswell lol, guys Respawn knows how to make a game
CELLA  +   685d ago
it is the direct quote from the dev because i check it out its on other website this may change my mind now not to buy this game
Xsilver  +   686d ago
"They also serve as an easier way to load up on the experience needed to call in a Titan."

wouldn't that make the game unbalanced if everyone is gonna aim for the Ai to get their titans?
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mhunterjr  +   686d ago
Maybe, if the reward for killing AI wasn't so small compared to the reward for killing human players, completing objectives, or destroying titans.
Xsilver  +   686d ago
well that makes more sense is it like that?
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n4rc  +   685d ago
Yes.. You can see it on the HUD from the videos of gameplay.. Noticed it awhile ago

Score was different for each kill.. Some were 100 and others were like 50..

Cod already had that mechanic for the combat training playlist.. I would bet AI kills are half of what you get for killing a player
mhunterjr  +   686d ago
That's exactly how it is. They've been saying that since the game was announced. There is a timer that dictates when a player can call in a Titan. Earning xp by Completing certain actions takes time off of that timer. Killing AI removes a little bit of time, killing human players awards more, completing objectives rewards more, and destroying Titans rewards the most.

Folks who kill other players will be calling in titans at a much quicker rate than those who just kill AI. So it's easy to guess who'll be winning the matches and getting the most XP... Those who are taking out other players.

I'm really not sure why folks are taking this all out if context all of a sudden.
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Mega24  +   685d ago
If you can find every link and video I will happily watch them too see if this is true, because until now, all I get from all the interviews is: 50 combatants, of which 12 are real players, calculating this would mean that there could be 12 titans on the map, plus 12 player, and 38 AI, which make me think "it most be a pretty big map to accommodate 50+12 titans, so if only 6 are real human enemies, there's a 65% chance of fighting against a human player every 3 to 5 minutes, that's based on my calculation. Now only real players can summon Titans, so your best bet to kill a player is by finding an enemy titan, if the player is not in it, it means his around. PvP is way better then PEvPE.
mhunterjr  +   685d ago

Just watch one of the gameplay vids. look at the xp values Awarded for kills. It's as simple as that.

If that doesn't do it for you read one of the various interviews with Respawn that have occurred since ithe initial launch trailer .

Get the game informer issue.

If that doesn't work, read one of the various player accounts from people who played it at trade shows.

The information isn't hidden. Google is your friend.

For whatever reason, you are perpetuating this image that the AI is taking up a role better suited for a human player. When really they are a completely different class . Not sure if you're a Halo fan.,But, imagine playing Spartans vs Elites, and on the battlefield there are some covenant Grunts and some Marines also going at it. To the players, they would just be cannon fodder, but they help drive home the fact that this is an all out battle... A battle in which you, the player, are one of the fiercest warriors. It would turn your typical vs mode into something more cinematic.

Overall, stop implying that this game should now tread common waters, when we've known all along they were aiming for something different.
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CELLA  +   685d ago
i be the first one to get a titan before anyone and win the game lol easy win all the time
lolCHILLbro  +   685d ago
Have you ever made one of the most revolutionary multiplayer games ever? no? then dont judge these people, Respawn knows what its doing
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Xsilver  +   685d ago
lmao this guy so basically screw our feedback rite?
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n4rc  +   685d ago
Yea.. Pretty much

You have no feedback.. You haven't played it.. Its their game, not yours anyways..

Feedback is constructive criticism based on experience.. Whining before its even out is just... Well... Whining
CELLA  +   685d ago
yes you no i will
Killzone 2 did the same thing for a while but they eventually removed it because people were just leveling up to unlock things through bot games.
Mikeyy  +   685d ago
I did the same thing in StarCraft. 3vs1 comp stomp to boost our win records.

K/DR will mean absolutely nothing in titanfall.
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True_Samurai  +   685d ago
Now that I think about it regular players do sound more appealing. But than again I understand there are dumb players who don't follow objectives as they should.
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Frodosmugins  +   685d ago
*looks at titanfall on shelf at local game store*

"I thought you was going to be worth a buy :/"

*grabs another game and walks off*
NeloAnjelo  +   685d ago
This is leading me to believe that the reason the game feels good and amazing is because people have the impression that they're amazing at it... You know first picking up a controller and being good... That great achievement feeling?

Could it be because it mostly AI being killed? Do players know when they've killed AI vs a real human on the opposing team? 6 vs 6, plus 12 titans in total on one map seems alright. I just hate bots. With next gen I think pple were at least wanting 12 vs 12. But we need to play the game to judge. So far all who has said it's good.

Let's wait and see.
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sypher  +   685d ago
Knew it. If true, totally ruined the game right there :/

The game is going to turn into how to most effectively kill AI the quickest to call in Titans and decimate opponents.
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stuna1  +   685d ago
That's it exactly! How anyone can try to justify this decision is beyond me! Quick question to anyone reading this; Off the the top of your heads, name me 5 games that have exceptional A.I Bots that are able to be considered competitively competent!? A Bot that for the sake of arguement doesn't follow the same animations and set parameters that are inherently in the game! Believe me I've played games where thy tried to mix it up, but if you play long enough you will start to see a pattern of sequences.

Regardless of what some think or say.....a human player has timing, reactions, cognitive abilities, reflexes that could never be mimiced by a Bot regardless of how advance the A.I is reported to be.
Mikeyy  +   685d ago
Well the upper difficulty bots in Perfect Dark where impossible to beat. They lock onto you through the walls and will shoot first when you round the corner.
sypher  +   685d ago
Mikeyy I used to be a pro at UT and i could beat godlike bots 30 - 0 no problem. Sure as soon as it see's me it instantly kills me. But i have something it doesn't. A brain. I'm able to predict where the bot will go and fire/set traps in advanced, the only advantage the bot would have is if i went charging straight at it with an aim vs aim battle.

Everything else a person does better.

The gulf of skilled players vs casuals is massive. Any trick in the book which can be exploited will be. If you are a highly skilled player facing other highly skilled players then you can bet both of them will be killing bots left and right rather than risk facing each other until they have an advantage.
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classic19  +   685d ago
trash, lol just let me kill real ppl, i mean after all its a online shooter.
ELCUCO  +   685d ago
This is DEFINITELY what I DONT want in a competitive MP shooter.

Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   685d ago
Can't wait for this game!
EmperorDalek  +   685d ago
Sounds like League of Legends, which could be a good thing.
matrixman92  +   685d ago
The only reason this game is previewing so well is because journalists for the most part suck at video games. They run around killing bots for 20 minutes and it makes them feel good. Games such as this and cod make bad players feel that they have skill.
lonewolfjedi  +   685d ago
That's why they were so hype for this game cause it was one they were finally good at lol
Mikeyy  +   685d ago
Auto aim. Hit scan, no bullet trajectory. Loads of bots. No recoil. Robots.

This game will be a major hit with casuals unfortunately... All the people who suck at cod will flock to this
Majin-vegeta  +   685d ago
But on the brightside cod may actually go back to being good :O??

OT:I agree
lonewolfjedi  +   685d ago
"They’re (AI) meant to serve several different functions. On one level, the AI characters are there as fodder for players who simply aren’t good enough to kill other player-controlled characters. They also serve as an easier way to load up on the experience needed to call in a Titan."

Yeah cause dumbing down a game makes it better right?
stuna1  +   685d ago
Not only that, but look at it this way! There are some games that people are inherently good at, just like there are games people are inherently bad at, but like with any game you have to work at getting good! Seems like with TitanFall the initiative to work at getting good has all but dropped from this game.
thehitman  +   685d ago
I think people are making a huge deal out of nothing lol. If the game is fun its fun if its not its not. Whether its 1v1 6v6 or 12v12 doesnt really matter its up to the game DESIGNERS to choose how they want their game to be not the gamers.
yanikins111  +   685d ago
Time will tell...
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