Sony to Bring the Big Guns at Taipei Game Show with PS4 and More; Microsoft/Nintendo Won’t Be There

This year's Taipei Game Show will be held between January 23rd and January 27th at the World Trade Center in Taipei, and Sony is set to rule exhibition at least for what the console market is concerned, since both Microsoft and Nintendo aren't going to be part of the celebrations.

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US8F1653d ago

And I thought I have to wait 6 months (E3) until I hear anything about their games.
They are firing a lot of bullets left right and center lately. I'm glad that they did learn from the mistakes of the ps3 launch and it is only going to be fruitful for them now

Vojkan1653d ago

some rumors say they will have an even in late Feb/early March. Similar to first PS4 reveal event. And there they will show some big titles, because they have 2 many to save for E3.
At least that's what I heard more then a month ago, but things change so who knows. Heard it from 2 sources that Feb event was planned.

US8F1653d ago

Oh man, I hope it is true. I mean don't get me wrong, they announced plenty titles already, but the big first party studios are yet to show anything yet. Santa monica, naughty dog, and Media molecule, to name a few.

WeAreLegion1653d ago

Expect it. They'll be unveiling the VR headset there.

XiSasukeUchiha1653d ago

Big guns damn can't wait to see!

ABizzel11653d ago


If that rumor is true, then it would most likely be February (which was the same month as the console reveal).

I believe March is GDC, and it would make more sense to just attend GDC and show some stuff rather than go to GDC, then have a huge reveal afterwards.

Taipei Game Show (TGS v2) in at the end of January, and Sony's suppose to be showing new games there. So I doubt they'll be doing another reveal in Feb., and GDC seems like the next logical time to do a reveal. Usually their final reveal is during May right before E3.

nypifisel1653d ago

Really? Where from, sounds interesting. Haven't heard anything about that. Anyhoo, Sony is killing it.

Pintheshadows1653d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if it was a yearly event from now. No distractions like at E3, just the focus on Playstation.

James-GAMES1653d ago

Sweet jesus... lol. Think back to the early ps3 and how long it took for the system establish it's game lineup. Sony is on fire right now and its scary lol.

badz1491652d ago

seriously...I think Sony is cheating!

I think they have activated the "infinite ammo" cheat code.

Kingthrash3601652d ago

sony has been on fire since the reveal! youd think things would slow in the spring as usual but dayum! sony must have read that e-mail i sent them!
i wrote just 3 words "unleash the krakken"
any1 else leave a 3 word email?

DigitalRaptor1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

@ kingthrash

I sent them "open the floodgates".

Just kidding, but they are seriously on fire. I can't wait for them to reveal their multitude of first party projects from Media Molecule, Santa Monica, Bend etc, as well the crazy second and third-party thing they've got going on.

Then there's the ridiculous amount of support they have from third-party indies, free-to-play and MMO developers.

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ThunderSpark1653d ago

All this good PS4 news coming from the left and the right is making dizzy. Can't wait!

Xsilver1653d ago

Sony is really on a roll keep it up.

jujubee881653d ago

I think they should bring out first party game creators and indies.

I'm all for evangelizing the game creators at events like these. They do it in TGS all the time. (some of the devs even dress up in cosplay while showing off their game)

XisThatKid1653d ago

nah man we have a Pax and Jap launch before E3 not to mention the other little random cons Sony has by themselves with press or shareholders he have alot to look forward to even before the big one

NeloAnjelo1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

I know... Big massive, mega ton bullets. Keeps pple talking about Playstaion. Keeps them waiting, anticipating... Just great stuff. I honestly can't wait to see them just pull away and dominate!

More stock please :)

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TheEnigma3131653d ago

Sony isn't holding any punches. They're going all out.

James-GAMES1653d ago

sony wants to dominate the game industry! Kind of like the ps2 days!

Narutone661653d ago

Here's a partial list of games they are showing:

Sheikh Yerbouti1652d ago

Cool to see the Vita get lots of love too.

supraking9511653d ago

They showed so many games last year already, they should show new trailers w/ update info on Ryme, Everyone's Gone to the Rapture, etc. Maybe show one unannounced PS4 title then go all out at PAX and E3. Sony shouldnt worry cause MS has too many problems to fix and will wait last minute like last year with May 2013 reveal and E3.

StealthPandemic1653d ago

Actually they both SHOULD worry about each another. MS has it's big guns in production/development (not just Halo). And Sony has it's biggies too.

minimur121653d ago

I found it pretty funny how Yusuf Medhi announced the Xbox One release date through a statement, they were clearly unsure about a date even at E3 time.

ThatCanadianGuy5141653d ago

No surprise.They attend every event and always announce stuff.That's the way they roll.

Always new announcements and surprises to look forward to.

remanutd551653d ago

Big guns meaning The Last Guardian, Uncharted, Santa Monica next project or inFAMOUS, Driveclub and The Order?

Kurisu1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

I hope there's a Heavenly Sword 2 in the works for PS4! That game has so much potential. It would look beautiful, and there's so much room for expansion on the story, and the gameplay, which I felt could have offered a lot more. It was short and sweet but it could be something so much more.

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