Five Pathetic Game Characters You Can't Help But Like

Hardcore Gamer: Some enemies just plain suck. Not in the “annoyingly difficult” form of suck, but just sucking at doing their job. There are so many terribly weak enemies around gaming, some that bring you close to downright pitying them, but some manage to be piss-poor enemies and still bring a smile to your face. They’re enemies that, even though you know they’re not challenging in the slightest, are just likable in some way, shape, or form. Here are five enemies that are unquestionably pathetic, but take that embarrassing level of ineptitude and make it something truly enjoyable.

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ChaosKnight1654d ago

Number 6. Luigi.

As hard as Nintendo tries to convince us otherwise.

admiralvic1654d ago

Number 7. Prism Rangers

They always made Disgaea a little bit more fun.

IamHaru1653d ago

What they lack in skill, they make up for in heart. I should know!

kB01653d ago

I do not like that smug white mushroom bastard! :P

king_george1653d ago

Daxter from the Jak series xD