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Submitted by Digital_Anomaly 690d ago | opinion piece

5 Reasons True Gamers Hate Fanboys

My mother always told me that hate is a strong word only to be used when the situation truly calls for it. This is one such situation. Fanboys stink and are bad for the health of the gaming industry and here’s 5 reasons as to why.

"They are the inescapable scourge of every video game website and forum on the planet… fanboys. Have an opinion? They will attempt to rip you to shreds with false logic, denial and loud cries filled with clichéd leet speak. How do we defend ourselves against these Neanderthals of the gaming world? Well, you don’t. Let’s face it, they aren’t going anywhere. Your best defense is to try, no matter how difficult it might be, to ignore them. Ignore that part of you that wants to fill them in on just how stupid they really are because all it does is bring you to their level. After all, if you do give in, it’s the digital equivalent of slapping a grizzly bear in the face with a fresh salmon and they will maul you with idiocy and childlike name calling. If you don’t understand where we’re coming from here then you yourself might be a fanboy. All in all we can’t stand fanboys, in fact we hate them about as passionately as they blindly love their nerd-vice of choice." (Culture, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

AngelicIceDiamond  +   690d ago
I looove this article


"If you wanted to play games you would be force fed whatever they wanted to feed you. You’d shut up and like it too because what choice would you have? There’s a saying that’s been around for many years and it’s a simple one: competition breeds excellence. If these cult-level enthusiastic fanboys had their way and their single gaming platform was the only one to rise out of the console war ashes then this golden age of gaming would die."



"Time and again you’ll see cases where a rampant and drooling fanboy will be calling out the other primal tribe all while being completely oblivious that he is part of the problem, not the solution. It makes it nearly impossible for a rational human being to comment or have an opinion without fear of a nerd attack."

Been there way to many times.


"Fanboys are often so wrapped up in their undying support for their priceless things that even when presented with compelling arguments full of facts, logic or charts and goddamn graphs they still refuse to let up on their bias. They will defend to the very death their chosen love and ignore anything and everything that says otherwise regardless of its validity."

"for hours on end with no actual factual information. It’s maddening to the educated gamer who is capable of engaging in thoughtful debate to see a thread taken over by a digital caveman."

Someones been keeping track of this site lately.


"If you’re a tried and true real gamer you might have a preference of which console you like most (I know I do) but you want to see everyone do well. The more great games that sell the more great games we’ll have in development. If everyone does well then you will have mountains upon mountains of amazing experiences just waiting for you to get your grubby gamer paws on."

That's the goal here is to keep the great games coming. All three will challenge each other but its us who wins and fanboys that lose because they're greedy.

"Sadly, in the mind of a dedicated fanboy, only Nathan (or Marcus, whatever, I’m not picking sides obviously) will have a chance to shine while the rest crumble at his feet. What a shame to see such narrow mindedness seep into a culture that truly relies on success across all mediums."

Its very sad to say the least. Fanboys want nothing more to see franchises crash on other systems so they can boast about theirs.

I hope fanboys learn and quit being selfish. Gaming is for everyone who picks up a controller. No matter the platform.
DCfan  +   690d ago
Look who's talking, the guy who never shows up when a people like georgenoob says something beyond fanboyish.
LOGICWINS  +   690d ago
"Look who's talking, the guy who never shows up when a people like georgenoob says something beyond fanboyish."

AngelicIceDiamond isn't obligated to play N4G cop every time someone says something stupid.
starchild  +   690d ago
When there are thousands of filthy cockroaches crawling around, I doubt you are going to put much focus on the odd ant or moth in your house. You are going to work on getting rid of the cockroaches and then later mop up any remaining ant or other insect.
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   690d ago
Amazing how enlightened people have become in recent months now that MS is painfully trailing behind. There can be only one... and that one must be the PS4.
ShinMaster  +   689d ago
Fanboys who prefer one system over the other are not as harmful to the gaming industry as those who prefer specific game series and look down on others.
jmac53  +   690d ago
Thanks for posting the article in the comments. I was too lazy to click on the link.
neogeo  +   690d ago
I did not read what you said and I don't care. I gave you a disagree for the fricking WALL OF TEXT took me 30 seconds to scroll down.
dcj0524  +   689d ago
ADD lol.
Shnazzyone  +   689d ago
that took you 30 whole seconds to scroll past that? Are you using your grandpas computer where he has text size pumped up all the way or something? It takes me about a 1/4 scroll wheel to get past it and less than 2 seconds.
JodyCones  +   690d ago
I agree with you, but there is also nothing wrong with preferring a particular ecosystem unless you bash the other. For example, I play PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo because I like the games they offer. But I also have to pay for the games, my subscription, actually have the time to play them all, gas, school, work, my bills, etc. I've owned an original xbox and a 360. I have no plans to get the xbox one, it just isn't my cup of tea personally. Halo isn't exactly a systeam seller for me anymore. I was finished with the franchise after the second one. And I am not being a fanboy! I have nothing against Halo, people can totally disagree with me! You have your own right to! I shouldn't be swaying you away from your opinion if you like it, you shouldn't care. But fanboys hold loyalties to their preferred platform. But you still get called a fanboy for not liking what they like, how petty. I guess it's just hard to tell on the internet unless you're being blatantly obvious and immature.
joefrost00  +   689d ago
Why does every sony guy think the only thing xbox have is halo
I understand it might be the biggest selling exclusive between sony with the exception of maybe Gran Turismo
But MS has a lot of big IPs
I really think for all the great games dony have it is missing that one big face exclusive kratos is close
I dont think sony cares but their fans do you see it everytime with all they have halo comments and every new fps sony comes out with halo killer
Not saying you one of them just saying im tired of sony guys saying halo is it
Fluke_Skywalker   690d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
GarrusVakarian  +   690d ago
Since when was being a fanboy a bad thing?

It's the rabid, biased, blind fanboys that are the scourge.

There's nothing wrong with being a fanboy about something you love. Im a Sony fanboy, TLOU fanboy, Game Of Thrones fanboy, Mass Effect fanboy, LOTR fanboy, Metallica fanboy amongst many other things..........nothing wrong with that.
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Heisenburger  +   690d ago
No. You are a fan. That's why the term fanboys was created, to separate the good from the bad.

Lol There is no such thing as a good fanboy.
Digital_Anomaly  +   690d ago
I like you Heisenberger. You stay cool.
Omegasyde  +   690d ago
Screw it....

I hate "True Gamers" and here are 5 reasons why.

1) They are Hipsters.

2) They are Hipsters.

3) Without fanboy competition, the consoles wouldn't be different. They would be the same and that's boring.

4)PC Master race laughs at the definition of "true" gamer.

5) They are hipsters.
#1.7 (Edited 690d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(28) | Report | Reply
DivineHand125  +   690d ago
Remember when everyone was in an uproar about the xbox one's DRM policies? Those were the gamers and their voices were louder than the fanboys that were defending it. The people you call "true" gamers are the ones that want the best possible gaming experience by calling out all the BS regardless of which platform instead of ignoring the problems or blindly defending it.
MetaReapre  +   687d ago
Here are my counterpoints to everything you just said.

1. A true gamer is someone who enjoys ALL games regardless of what console they are on and are not hipsters (why you would call them that is beyond me). Myself, I do enjoy any game, have a Ps4, a gaming computer and a wii u and will be getting an xb1 when a price drop hits or a game I really want comes to the system (Titan fall won't count for me, getting it for the PC).

2.Fanboyism hinders gaming, if MS listened to fanboys that DRM policy would have stuck as most fanboys stuck with it even though it was a stupid idea.

3.This PC master gamer race thing you refer to... believe it or not that's called PC fanboys! Myself, I prefer gaming on PC as I can configure a ps4 controller to the games I find more suited for it like skyrim and such, but because of terrible ports of big name titles (I'm looking at you dark souls! Lol) I'm far above calling PC the better than console gaming.

4. Because I want to spite you for saying the hipster thing 3 times, see point 1.

5. Anyone who claims to be true gamers are more likely not even close to being a true gamer. Sure you can claim to be a hardcore gamer or a casual gamer, but to consider yourself a true gamer would take more than just your opinion on the mater, if more than yourself would consider you a true gamer then maybe you are, but to make the claim alone would just be rediculous.
admiralvic  +   690d ago
I don't think it's fair to say "fanboys" aren't "true gamers" and I don't think it's fair to imply that only true gamers hate "fanboys."

The fact of the matter is, almost everyone hates "fanboys", be it phones, gaming, electronics, music, TV or anything else where they exist. This is because you might like a company more than another (I personally prefer Sony to M$), but I still recognize that Sony isn't perfect and M$ / Nintendo are doing cool things too. The issues with "fanboys" is that they praise their features (be them better or worse), downplay other features, make excuses and find any reason to justify why they're right and you're wrong.

This sort of mentality discourages unity and makes debate pointless. Especially because these people are ill-informed or simply want to get a rise out of people. Sadly, I don't see this ever changing, but I would love to be proven wrong.
guitarded77  +   690d ago
I agree. But let's face it... everyone has a little fanboy in them. I game on every major platform, and spend tons of money on the hobby, But I still have my favorites... some companies give me more for my gaming dollar. Some offer more than others in different areas. When that happens, I want the others to provide similar value and features.

I try to be open minded, but there are some things that a certain company may do, which makes me like them less. The companies that give me more get recognition from me, while the ones that don't, just get the must play games purchased by me. Of course, I'm critical of all though.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   690d ago
This is because you might like a company more than another (I personally prefer Sony to M$),

This is the holy grail of misunderstandings. When someone states they like one company or console over the other.

I don't paint a picture about someone when they state there preference. hTat's right PREFERENCE should always be assumed first. I paint a picture based off of somebodies tendency after they state what they like, if any at all.

Good tendencies , neutral tendencies or negative tendencies. On this site I see negativity towards another company after stating what console they like.
lets_go_gunners  +   690d ago
M$....Yeah I stopped reading after that.
quaneylfc  +   690d ago
Liking a company more than another is being a fanboy. They are both around to accomplish the same goals.
SITH  +   689d ago
Goal: $

Objective: $

Point of a company, make as much $ as possible.

If money can not be made then neither Microsoft nor Sony would even bother making consoles. Only the delusional believe they do it to make them happy. They want your money. They could care less of gamers go at each other on the Internet, it matters not as long we hand them that dollar.
#3.2.1 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
admiralvic  +   690d ago
If you're going to comment on my comments, then please read the full statement.

"This is because you might like a company more than another (I personally prefer Sony to M$), but I still recognize that Sony isn't perfect and M$ / Nintendo are doing cool things too."

The difference is that a fanboy does not always recognize that a company is imperfect and will often downplay what others are doing. This was the point I was tying to get across and did state after the part you commented on.

@ Quaneylfc

It's not. You don't instantly become a Nintendo fanboy because you prefer platformers to shooters (M$ and Sony), you just have a preference. Preferences are alright and everyone has them. They only become negative when you become vocal about yours and downplay others, which are typically how people define being a fanboy.
GraveLord  +   690d ago
No such thing as a true gamer.
Loadedklip  +   690d ago
I think true gamers unfortunately fit this description in general ..."FANBOYS ARE OFTEN TOO STUPID TO REALIZE THEY’RE FANBOYS"

N4G is proof of that.
#5 (Edited 690d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Ol_G  +   689d ago
Yup this whole site is infested
MONKEYDLUFFY  +   690d ago
Fanboys are the worst and there is no point to them. All consoles have great games and if you don't see that you have your head in the sand.
arugula  +   690d ago
One reason a true gamer wont even bother reading this article.
memots  +   690d ago
Losing bubble for making a funny joke.

Oh well, bubble me up boys i like to have conversation and sometime i get passionate about a subject.
rarity  +   690d ago
It's sad because fanboys are mostly adults yet they sound and act like children
Ol_G  +   689d ago
fanboys are not mostly adults don't know where you get that from and why people are agreeing with you
fanboys are insecure people mostly in their puberty that need assurance that their choice was the only right one
as an example

TheGreatAndPowerful  +   7h ago
Amazing how enlightened people have become in recent months now that MS is painfully trailing behind. There can be only one... and that one must be the PS4.

this is a fanboy i don't know his age and neither do you but i can make an estimate
usually sony fanboys grew up with sony just like for many people xbox was their first console the problem with this is that these consoles are not that old and people claiming they grew up with these consoles are instantly 20 years or less sometimes a little bit older
and that's why i find the claim that older persons are fanboys baffling seeing these fanboy comments are made by sony and microsoft fanboys and those are usually sub 20 or just past it
Fanboyssuck27  +   689d ago
I couldn't agree more. Spot on.
christocolus  +   690d ago
Lovely article. Love my xbox one but that doesnt make me less excited for sonys upcoming offerings. I enjoyed halo 4, kameo and gears just as much as i enjoyed uncharted, infamous and the last of us,infact i was so impressed with tlou and i remember taking my ps3 to my friends house just to show off that its quite difficult to be a neutral/unbiased gamer especially when you have fanboys lashing out at your favorite games,consoles or friendz.

People will always have preferences.i think gamers just need be mature enough to respect the opinions of others and also not allow their preference cloud their judgement.

I dont really have issues like these though cos most of my friends who i game with aint fanboys. We always have fun playing the games we like. Its fun when you dont have childish arguments over resolution, horsepower or all that crap. Just go on and have fun. Some of my ps only friends cant wait to try out titanfall on my xbox one(im hoping it convinces them to buy an xbx one too) and ive been trying out killzone shadow fall on my pals ps4 too(getting mine with infamous). I believe thats how it should be all the time.
#10 (Edited 690d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
thebudgetgamer  +   690d ago
I don't have time to hate fanboys, too busy enjoying myself talking to people that like video games.
neogeo  +   690d ago
BS we are become fanboys when someone ACTUALLY owns stock in a said company like me. 1500 shares of AMD. Say anything nice about Nvinda and I will flame you all to hell because my REAL money is at stake for Christs sake!
#12 (Edited 690d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
MasterCornholio  +   690d ago
Its funny when a certain group of fanboys claim that N4G is run by another group of fanboys when the truth is that N4G is filled with fanboys of all types. I've seen Nintendo fanboys, PC elitists, Sony fans, Microsoft fans, Sega fans and even people who are fanboys of APPLE. Its really that simple. N4G is a website filled with gamers of all types which is something that everyone has to accept when they post here.

In my opinion the worst fanboys are the ones who refuse to accept the truth, the ones who spread ridiculous lies to support their system and the ones who attack posters like crazy through insults and threats.
Reeze  +   690d ago
While that is true, it's not like the site is

25% Sony fanboys
25% Microsoft fanboys
25% Nintendo fanboys
25% PC elitists

There ARE obviously more of some types than others, and I think that also brings out the "inner fanboy" in some of us.

For example, if there are tons of Microsoft (just an example) fans speaking their opinion, a Nintendo fan may feel nobody agrees with them (when that's not true). They then may boast their system while downplaying the others in order to "compete."
MasterCornholio  +   689d ago
The proportions change over time because the popularity of a brand changes. I remember that in the early days of the PS3 the 360 was more popular and N4G had more Xbox fans back then. With the recent PR disaster and Microsoft's obsession with Kinect over the past few years now the Playstation brand is more popular.
fonger08  +   690d ago
I don't think it's as rampant as we all think it is. I mean if there are one or two just ridiculous fanboy articles, blogs, or responses we tend to generalize. If you look at politics here in the states you would think that everyone hates one side or the other Dem vs Rep when most people tend to be in the middle. I understand where fanboyism grows from, I hated Sega during the SNES days, mostly because I didn't have one and parents refused to let me have two systems. Well as I got older and earned more money I'm able to afford whatever I want, and that hate towards any particular system or company just seems ridiculously childish, now.
Droidanomix  +   690d ago
That's the thing though. Fanboys do not allow for difference of opinion. They tend to be first amendment haters and typically liberal.
#15 (Edited 690d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
SITH  +   689d ago
Ok, you want to infuse politics into this. You failed in doing so. You need to look up the definition of liberal. You are completely oblivious to what it means to be liberal.

You said. "Fanboys do not allow for a difference of opinions." Now which one of these below reads like a fanboy.

A liberal would literally accept the fact not everyone plays games on their preferred console and embrace the fact people are different and like things different systems.

A conservative would refuse to change to a new console and expect everyone to play their preferred console. Conservatives do not like change and are reluctant to change.

Don't believe me? Then look up the definition of liberal and conservative.

Now try again high-speed.

And I am a liberal, I also own an FN five seven. I bet that blows that peanut of yours right from between your ears.

ǝʌᴉʇɐʌɹǝsuoɔ ǝɹɐ sʎoquɐɟ :ʇuᴉH
#15.1 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kingdom18  +   689d ago
Beautiful. Well said.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   690d ago
I'm of the opinion that there is a little bit of fanboy in all gamers.
Its just that the ones worth knowing and talking to, will find and accept reasonable flaws about their chosen favorites and at least make an attempt to be fair when talking about things they don't prefer.

For instance, I'm not convinced that the ps4 or xbone have earned my money yet, for various reasons. But that doesn't mean that i think they won't eventually have games that will tempt me.

If I were a full out fanboy, though, I'd spend my time wishing that certain games would entirely skip the others and only come to the wii u.

I'd also spend time downplaying any games i would otherwise buy, instead of saving up for the system they are on, if they came out on a system i didn't want, like so many "true fans" did when Bayonetta 2 was announced.
#16 (Edited 690d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
swishersweets20031  +   690d ago
You know when a Xbox fanboy is around. They smell of doritos and MT. Dew.
MNGamer-N  +   690d ago
Code Red.
MNGamer-N  +   690d ago
Fanboys are annoying. There is no reason to insult a certain console, or another gamer because of their gaming preference. I try to ignore it as much as possible, and I try to enjoy as many platforms and games as possible.
REDBEARD  +   690d ago
Fanboys are gamers just as much as the hardcore. Who are we to judge. I know fanboys are the worst in gaming society , be it nintendrones, ponies, or xbots, but we do have one thing in common. WE PLAY VIDEO GAMES. Hardcore, casuals, and even fanboys are all apart of the gaming ecosystems. We all should learn how to get along with one another, and live as gamers.
Jeedai Infidel  +   690d ago
If you click agree or disagree based on someone's name without reading the article or anyone's comments... you might be a fanboy!

Read it in your best Jeff Foxworthy voice for added comedic effect.
SegaGamer  +   690d ago
Basically everyone should just shut up and play games. I couldn't give a damn what console it is on, if the game is good i will play it.

You'll never see me picking sides, i just don't see the point. Fanboys need to think about the classic games they have now missed because of their childish behaviour.
#21 (Edited 690d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DCfan  +   690d ago
Gamers should think of what they did to Sega and missed on their gems this current gen.
AceBlazer13  +   690d ago
I guess only in gaming can it be wrong to choose sides.

What's the point of competition if you can't root for a competitor ?
SpiralTear  +   689d ago
There's nothing wrong with liking one company over another. The difference is in how you express your preference and to what extent.

If you like Sony, but will go to Microsoft topics and just troll in the comments, that's using your preference to ruin others' good time.
Max-Zorin  +   690d ago
I prefer the term misguided extremists.
TruthbeTold  +   690d ago
The worst kind of fanboy going currently imo is the type that likes a particular company and the unique things they bring to the table, but go on and on about how other companies need to do the same things to the point that they are for all intents and purposes, trolling the people who enjoy their consoles for what they are.
Perhaps  +   690d ago
We're all gamers.
arbitor365  +   690d ago
not all consoles/companies are created equal. im sorry we dont live in this fantasy world where every company is great and all of them are exactly as good as each other.

As a gamer, I will never support a company that tried to force universal DRM on gamers everywhere. or a company that puts casuals and goofy gimmicks before their hardcore userbase.

I don't think that nintendo or microsoft deserve to be supported this gen, and if thats not politically correct, then so be it. real gamers dont support companies who dont care about hardcore gamers.
#26 (Edited 690d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Benjaminkno  +   690d ago
I don't know about all of that.

It's fun to fight over which console is best. If it weren't for fanboys, consoles wouldn't do so well. Some of us are too poor to be able to afford more than one console, so we pick our own corner. So what?


And we all benefit from it.
Korde11  +   689d ago
I enjoy playing Mario, Zelda, and other Nintendo IP's so people call me fanboy. I don't get it! I don't give Nintendo a free pass but I have to admit that I have come to expect them to put out a quality product.
A LIVING LEGEND  +   689d ago
occasionally a sort of shallow entertainment can be had by skimming through fanboy comments,occasionally the blind and ignorant are good for a laugh if little else.

A 'true gamer' knows a good game is a good game regardless of what it's played on.

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