3 Keys to Success for Playstation Now

Hardcore Gamer: After months of speculating about just how exactly Sony was planning to use the Gaikai streaming technology they acquired in 2012, they finally made the formal announcement at CES 2014. Dubbed “Playstation Now,” the upcoming service looks to be a lot like what most assumed it would be, that being an Onlive-like service designed to stream games over the cloud. While Playstation Now is currently nothing but potential, I believe there are three essential things Sony must get right if the service is to be a success.

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admiralvic1681d ago

No duh?

You can have a great product or even a good product (like the Wii U) and people will never shut up about the pricing. People are also willing to overlook more faults if the program is cheaper too.

Discs don't need to work, since it goes against the concept of PS Now. It's a streaming service, not a magical cloud based emulator.

Doesn't this go without saying? If I am paying for a service, I expect it to work. No program was ever successful (beyond being a scam) for not working.

captainexplosion1680d ago

Points 1 and 3 are obvious and don't warrant an article. And point 2 is ridiculous. The article states if Now does not allow people to stream ALL PS1, PS2, and PS3 games for free the service will fail. The service will fail if it allows people to stream for free and has to purchase the rights to all those games. The writer is a moron.

lonelyplayer1680d ago

Discs won't work obviously

Adolph Fitler1680d ago

Sony has given too much away for free over the years, & it comes back to bite them, as MOST consumers are morons & want EVERYTHING for free, or next to...Then when they get it, they abuse it...Such as with how gamers shunned Sony with PS3, for daring to be a little more expensive....even though they were giving so much, that it was COSTING THEM MONEY for each machine sold (rumors were hundreds of dollars per unit when new) MOST gamers shunned Sony & switched to 360, (till they found out that was a POS piece of 100% fault rate hardware for at least the 1st 3yrs of production, or until they switched to the slim).... Then when Sony "CONFORMED" to the masses of morons wants, & lowered the cost by emitting features (such as some ports & the emotion engine, as well as the emulation software in European/Aust. machines), these masses of morons b1tched that it had no b/c anymore....I mean, WTF.... Then opposing Sony hating fanboys came down on Sony's FREE online service for not having A FEW useless features that Live had....So now we have to pay to play on PS4......& even though those features are now offered on PS4...the same dumba$$ turds whinge that they have to pay for online on PS4 now....Well, no sh1t Sherlock....those useless features cost Sony money to implement & maintain....They ain't a charity organization for gamers, as some dopes seem to think. You don't have the right to buy a product, the get every new version of it for FREE....Hoover don't give you a free new model of your vacuum cleaner, because you bought the same one 5yrs ago....You don't get a FREE coke when you go to a shop, because you bought a coke the day before......Get real people.
And while I'm harping on, apart from 3 machines that DID offer b/c, Sony also got burned by a minority of morons that thought it would be "KOOL" to hack Sony's FREE online service, thus costing Sony MILLIONS to rectify, thus costing GAMERS like myself a LONG downtime of the service (which was & even moreso now, is an awesome FREE online service).
And then there were the d!ckheads who ensured Sony would stop PS3's from being able to run other OS's, by hacking & f^cking with that...

So, Sony tried & tried to give us stuff for no return, & all it did was cost them money & get them kicked in the teeth. Now, I'm not saying they did this solely out of the generosity of there hearts, as they are a business, so allowing b/c & other os's & such were strategies to get more people onboard. Stingy gamers, & 3yrs or so of terribly biased media coverage (all negative, obviously), was Sony's reward for giving gamers the opportunity to watch the latest hd movie format, as well as allow for larger disk capacity for gamers, AS well as b/c, as well as running other os's, AS WELL as free online, inbuilt Wi-Fi (which 360 didn't have at time & was a charged add on, along with HdDVD), as well as HDMI support (which 360 also didn't have at the time)...

Sony have OFFERED me the most bang for my buck as a gamer, I could use my PS1 controllers & peripherals on my PS2 with no extras needed to purchase, something Sega or Nintendo NEVER offered at that point, something MS have never done....They just did more right for me as a gamer than any other company....But in my opinion, gamers & 90% of the gaming media (especially the patriotic U.S./ MS affiliated media) failed them, & tried chopping the tall poppy down. So now all these things have ensured Sony will give NOTHING away for NOTHING.