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Daniel Dunham writes "Persona 4 Arena, developed by Arc System Works and published by Atlus, takes the stars of the critically acclaimed JRPG Persona 4, and places them in a 2D style fighting game, where they are forced to do battle with one another in order to progress, and must discover why their close friend Teddy is hosting the fighting tournament, P-1 Grand "

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FogLight1653d ago

I have been interested in this game but I was worried about its gameplay since I am used to games like MK, Tekken, and Street Fighter. Wasn't a big fan of Blazblue (Don't kill me!) so I was worried that it would be the same with P4 Arena.

Just a question though, is the story canon or not in terms of Persona lore? Just curious about this bit of info.

Thanks for the review :)

DCfan1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Its a direct sequel to Persona 4. Starts exactly 2 months after Persona 4's ending. I haven't really finished all the stories (Was afraid i might spoil Persona 3 The Answer).

Regarding the gameplay, it comes off to me as a much lighter BlazBlue. Its just that simple.
I'm currently switching back and forth between this and Tekken Tag , no problems at all.

Anytime :)

FogLight1653d ago

A lighter version? Sure why not :) Maybe it could be a nice change of pace from other fighting games..At least I hope so.

And thanks for the answer on both gameplay and story :D

zerocrossing1653d ago

I you're not a fan of BlazBlue and/or Guilty Gear, you may not like what Persona 4 has to offer. Having sad that though, if you're a Persona fan there's plenty of story to follow between fighting.

Yeah, the story is cannon in terms of Persona Lore, they make a lot of references to the events that transpired in Persona 4 during the play through although not enough to alienate newcomers.

No problem, the games one of the best 2D fighters around IMO, certainly worth trying it out if you're still on the ropes :)

FogLight1653d ago

I have checked DCfan's comment and have been encouraged about the game. It could be an interesting game to try so why not? Especially that its story is canon.

Thank you and DCfan, now this review increased the chance of giving this game a try sooner or later :)

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Totally canon story. That being said it is equally as technical as blazblue since it's the same people who made it.

Actually, every character has a 'title' so to speak. Which is a direct reference to the game and anime.

i.e. Yu is known as the sister-complex kingpin of steel.

FogLight1653d ago

Hmmm, interesting. I will keep that in mind then.


IamHaru1653d ago

One of my favorite games of last year and so reminiscent of my ninja heritage.

il-JumperMT1652d ago

Better fighting game then SF4 (no matter which version) and Tekken

Hicken1652d ago

I think I would have to agree. Never been all that fond of Street Fighter in the first place, to be honest. But P4A and its sister fighter BlazBlue reignited was a small love for the genre anyway(since there hasn't been a Rival Schools game since the Dreamcast).

I hope the sequel/expansion makes it west, plus I can't wait for Chrono Phantasma.