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10 Amazing Games Coming Out This Year That Happen to be Indies

GameSkinny looks at 10 exception games coming out in 2014 that are being made at independent studios from across the globe. (Broforce, Incognita, Mercenary Kings, Nuclear Throne, PC, PS3, PS4, Starbound, Super Time Force, The Witness, Transistor, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

dsswoosh  +   282d ago
Boring boring indies.

The epitome of quantity over quality.
medman  +   282d ago
What a douche...er uhh I mean dsswoosh. Can anyone say jealous Microslog xbrat stuck in 720p land?
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dsswoosh  +   282d ago
Looks like the PS4 is stuck in 240p with all these indies indies indies if you ask me.

GSKerns  +   282d ago
You do realize some of these games are Xbox exclusive right? PS4 isn't "stuck" with anything... if you don't like what you see, you just simply don't play it.
TheGreenMan  +   282d ago
What about Hyper Light Drifter? That game looks pretty awesome...better than a few on the list IMO.
contradictory  +   282d ago
but where is Iconoclasts?
answer: MIA

seriously though... i'd love to have some news on it.

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