Reasons why PS4 is selling so well

Ever wonder why PS4 is selling so well?

There are a variety of reasons discussed in this article. But the main reason is because of the gamer.

Read about why the gamer was instrumental to the success of the PlayStation 4 and how Sony got the message right this time. 

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richierich1680d ago

Because they are doing so many things right with the PS4

Sethry1011680d ago

Most powerful consol this gen, cheaper then the competition and with a promising future.

Also helped by mistakes made by Microsoft early on, even if some of them were righted.

Another factor is last gen was very long, so people are looking to upgrade quickly.

PeaSFor1680d ago

because 4 mean death in japanese, the ps4 have no games and its also DOOOOOOOOOOOMD?

more seriously, its because after over 7years with the ps3, it was the perfect time to go foward.

Hicken1680d ago

I don't think the length of time of the PS3 being on the market had anything to do with it. Not much, anyway.

It's more about the all-around message Sony's sent out with the PS4. It's hard to argue against the full package they're delivering.

chrissx1680d ago

Because gamers know a good gaming console when they see one and that's the Ps4

MasterCornholio1680d ago

Because its an awesome console to own.


PaleMoonDeath1680d ago

Apart from those that dwell on the internet for info, the much larger portion of people have bought the PS4 from word of mouth, I have seen it happen again and again, people aren't stupid.

It's strange seeing Sony at the top again.. the PS1 & PS2 days were flocked with games, unbelievable amount of games.. if Sony being top dog means more games, they better get comfortable up there.

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