CES 2014: Playstation Now Says “It feels Good Kicking Xbox’s Ass”

During CES 2014 Gamer Fitnation’s Gregory Laporte had a chance to experience PlayStation Now and spoke with Peter Jamshidi, Director of Marketing, to get more insight of the new service and ways users can use the services among various Sony devices. It which the PS rep said "It feels Good Kicking Xbox's Ass."

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xHeavYx1624d ago

At 1:48

Reporter: "Hold on a second, you can connect the controller to the TV?"
Sony Dude: "You can pair it up with the TV"
Reporter: "So you... So... Oh Wow...Sorry, my mind was just blown"


Angels37851624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

People will read the headline and say stupid comments like "stay classy sony"

Even though sony has a very strict respect for their competition....the japanese giant has this engraved in their culture.
If they ever make remarks that are questionable (NOWHERE NEAR AS BAD AS MICROSOFTS BRAGGING) they immediately remove it and apologize....usually the body shots from sony come from their western division not from japan or europe.

Microsoft spins, lies, and throws low blows and never apologize if anything they think well of themselves afterwards. At least when sony makes a shot (then immediately retracts it and apologizes) its a claim grounded in reality......but then again people don't like reality if they are wrong.

Also want to add the sony rep never actually said the quote above....he was asked it.

Septic1624d ago

The guy didn't even say that though. The interviewer asked how does it feel to kick Xbox's ass...

Dem hits

amiga-man1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Sony really are leading the way this generation, no tricks or gimmicks just great innovation and strategy with more to follow VR is still to be announced, gaming just went to a whole new level.

With Sony's gaming history they also have so many great titles to back up the NOW announcement.

scott1821624d ago

Oh jeez, the title is very misleading.

Pogmathoin1624d ago

Amigaman, list the innovation please. Do not get mixed up with imitation. Sony are doing things already done, but I do give them credit, they are doing it really good.

Angel, you anticipating something? Sony are being classy, its you fanboys/girls that are doing them a disservice. Nice Gif Xheavy.. Love the fact its called a console war too... But thats from both sides.... Sad.... Its just games....

XiSasukeUchiha1624d ago

Damn XD yep i agree with Sony

Explain: Because Sony is taking advantage of all xbone's mistakes in past even sadly to say in the present as well and bringing out new innovation ideas to "help" the gaming community out so to all fanboys out there. I Don't hate either MS or Sony it's just MS is mistakes that i can't help but to wonder why?

fanboybeatdown1624d ago

@ amigaman

"Sony really are leading the way this generation, no tricks or gimmicks just great innovation and strategy"

not sure if serious, or...
Surely must be sarcasm?

To date, the only improvement of the ps4 over ps3 is
- more RAM
- better GPU
- better CPU

Everything else is EXACTLY the same as Ps3.

I invite you to politely respond, detailing what Ps4 innovation you are talking about that is available to us right now.

Si_851624d ago


- Playstation Now, a cloud gaming service with far greater scope that anything that's come before,
- remote play integrated at system level across all games,
- secondary CPU for background downloads/downloading whilst in standby,
- drastically improved controller,
- improved multitasking and other previously missing network features added,
- no forced camera bundle leading to cheaper price-point despite superior CPU/GPU/RAM than XB1.

I'd say that's a great mix of innovation and strategy right there.

Anarki1624d ago

Did I just read correct, someone just said the PS3 is the same as the PS4 because it has RAM, CPU and an improved GPU. DAT NAME THO

wsoutlaw871624d ago

At first i thought that was very stupid for sony to say and unprofessional, but then i saw that the title is very very misleading and a guy just answered a question.

fanboybeatdown1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

@ Si_84

No it's not innovation.

ALL of the things you mentioned have been done or are being done elsewhere, on competing platforms, or on PC.
No innovation relating to Ps4 mentioned at all in your post.

And with regard to your last point - No forced camera inclusion??? Isn't that EXACTLY the same as the Ps3?

Say no more, you have just proved my point. Thank you.

GuruMeditation1624d ago

@fanboybeatdown the fact of the matter is, you wouldn't notice innovation whether it's there or not. You're too busy looking down your nose at everyone and acting like your opinion is the only one that matters. So maybe learn the meaning of the word innovation before you start being rude and arrogant with people.

BallsEye1623d ago


What innovation are you talking about? ps4 is the ps3 with better insides, it does not do anything new. You can say it's great ,amazing, cool and what console should be in your eyes, but saying ps4 is a great innovation is just a lie.

Freedomland1623d ago

Using GDDR 5 as a system ram is an innovation. Remember, in the beginning nobody believed it.

MetaReapre1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )


Most things that si_85 said are in fact innovations in the eyes of a console. The fact that PC has it does not mean it isn't innovation. I would like to know your definition of innovation really, because things that are done differently than its past counterparts that betters the system in ways that has not been done before on previous consoles can easily be called innovation. The more these consoles become like computers, that is innovation. And even if the xb1 has done it too doesn't mean it wasn't innovation because they were released both at generally the same time so they both can be called innovative.

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lolCHILLbro1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

This would imply that Xbox kicked Playstation's ass last generation, which isnt the truth among many Sony faithful, well you heard it from the horses mouth, they admitted defeat last gen and Sony is barely winning this gen

Sony may have matched sales, but it didnt match the profits like 360, and PS3 lost Market share compared to 360, Xbox gained last gen, Playstation lost last gen, even Sony knows the truth, which is why you saw those outlandish comments made at E3 by Sony

Xsilver1624d ago

it didn't -_- especially when Sony are out here winning games of the generation and its all about the games.

xHeavYx1624d ago

Lol, what a nonsensical statement. Last gen both consoles were close in sales, but Sony was on top of MS. Long story short, stop making new accounts every time you lose your bubbles

Angels37851624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

With that fanboy logic of yours gou could imply pretty much anything......there was in no way shap or form ever implied that last gen sony lost.....and they didn't. They are ahead in sales.

Plus its funny last gen THE YEAR headstart meant nothing for microsoft and playstation sucked because it sold less in 6 months compared to a year and a half.....but now apparently a week headstart is a HUGE issue....what a joke a week is nothing....these systems have been out for months and will be out for years!! There were articlarticles before launch about how the week means nothing in the grand scheme of things

Also since when is 1000000 behind in sales barely winning......try counting to a million.....itll take you DAYS

Kryptix1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )


"Sony may have matched sales, but it didnt match the profits like 360"

Are you getting any of those profits? No? Cool. When it came to games, Sony won...isn't it all about the games or are you not really a gamer?

Photographic evidence:

Batnut001624d ago

It doesn't imply that at all.

Kayant1624d ago

"but it didnt match the profits like 360" - Who told you the Xbox 360 was that profitable for MS loooool.



jmac531624d ago

I want to live in your fairy tale world

silvacrest1624d ago

doing some research would have brought to light that the 360 made a loss for microsoft which is why a potential candidate to take over microsoft suggested selling off the division

HardcoreGamer1624d ago

what the f is wrong witn you man. dont you like gaming?

Lukejrl1624d ago

I am only replying to ask those who replied, why do you give this person the time of day?

SoulSercher6201623d ago

Wow one of the dumbest comments on here. Admitted defeat? Yeah those sales that surpassed 360 is admitting defeat /s You should work on your fanboy logic.

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truefan11624d ago

I was coming here to blast the guy, but it was the interviewer so its all good. All xbox has to say is how does it feel to not know how long your business will be afloat=GAMEOVER.

Utalkin2me1624d ago

You mean all MS has to say? Xbox division is still in the red. This is why MS is heading the direction they are heading.

truefan11624d ago

I get what you are trying to do in defense of your beloved sony and ps4, but xbox is owned by Microsoft. So while my statement was not 100% correct, the only ones who would pull that card are ps4 fanboys because ps4 is owned by a sinking ship.

Lukejrl1624d ago

Really? Keep in mind when a company reports losses it is not that they actually did not make a Profit off earned Revenue. It was that they did not make as much Profit as expected. Sony with their state have not been able to pay enough dividends to Shareholders thus the lowering of their stock value. The amount of assets and technology owned by Sony, and all the cash the Walkman, Discman, Blu-ray and a slew of other items they bank cash on has them in no way close of shuttering their doors.

Microsoft's XBOX division though? At shareholders meeting the prognosis didn't look good. But i do not know why i answered a Troll, i gotta get to bed

razrye1623d ago

Microsofts senior management want to sell off the xbox devision due to massive losses. All people have to ask Microsoft is how does it feel to not know how long your business will be afloat=GAMEOVER

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MadMen1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )


LOOOL are you kidding your self? Respect?
Where were you in 2006

"Next gen starts when we say it does"
"People would buy a toaster if we put the PS logo on it"

You call that respect? If you want to be a conversation talker, try being objective and not coming off biased out of the gate, makes you look foolish

Stop acting like these businesses feed your children and pay your bills, quit the blind loyalty


memots1624d ago

Try toast with Nutella , delicious

MadMen1624d ago

Nutella, now thats good taste, stay thirsty my friends

lifeisgamesok1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Stay classy Sony

*Obvious sarcasm*

And no Microsoft doesn't say worse things than Sony about the opposition

dantesparda1624d ago

Watch the video you clown, the Sony rep didnt say it, the interviewer did. And you're crazy if you think MS doesnt say more messed up things than Sony

TheSaint1623d ago

Try actually watching/reading stuff before commenting.

SoulSercher6201623d ago

Youre right. They DO worse things than the competition.

FlunkinMonkey1623d ago

Bahaha.. perfectly sums up your defensive stupidity, how about, i dunno, WATCH THE VIDEO?!

Class A Buffoonery.

BallsEye1623d ago


Yes he did. Sony fans have ths weird urge to all the time go against xbox, like it's their life mission. It's so funny to see all the desperate articles here on n4g. Funny 90% of them are OPINION articles written by no one else than sony fan community from this very website. All of these opinions are of course taken as facts. You guys just getting more sad every day. ps4 kicking xbox ass? how exactly I have no idea. For sure not in sales .Xbox One is having almost 3 times more sales than ps4 per country. That is a fact. 13 countries for xbox one, 50-60 for ps4. Average ps4 sales per country is 84000, xbox one is 230000. Games? Xbox one launch lineup was stronger, no denying there. More games, more diversity, more AAA. Online? PSN keeps on going down and still is playing catch up with XBL. Yes it's way better than what we had in ps3 and is ALMOST where XBL is. Controller is matter of prefference but then again, XO controller is way more solid, especially the thumbsticks which seam to chip off in DS pretty fast.

comparing to xo sticks..

I could go on but oh can thumb me down all you want but deep inside you know these are valid points. Cheers!

dantesparda1616d ago

Wow, what a sad, sad clown you are Balleyes, have fun with your pathetic a$$ X1, you sad clown

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jden281624d ago

I think PlayStation Now will be awesome and just like Blu ray was a Trojan horse I think PlayStation now is too...What I'm baffled about is how everybody is all excited about PlayStation now and still doubt M$ cloud power...aren't they essentially the same thing with the exception that the Xbox will be handling some things locally and the other stuff will be done in the cloud?

abstractel1623d ago

"Also want to add the sony rep never actually said the quote above....he was asked it."

This is what makes the headline pretty much a lie and I hate it when all media does this. They make it sound like he came out and said it out of his own accord.

Syntax-Error1623d ago

Disrespectful. Right after Phil Spencer paid a compliment to Sony saying they have a very impressive console. Wow, way to go Sony. Show 'em how classless you really can be

+ Show (5) more repliesLast reply 1616d ago

Our thoughts Exactly! LMAO!

NatureOfLogic1624d ago

Gamerfitnation going for interview of the year. Lmao, good interview.

LOGICWINS1624d ago

You support this flaimbait crap?


C'mon Black. Leave it for the kids on the Internet. You don't need to resort to things like this for hits.

BLACKBIBLE1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Wooo, 1st my comment was in response to the 1st poster Sackboy. for some reason N4g made it a individual. 2nd It's what he said! I'm posting the article to N4g and I didn't write it. But That's what the man said. Do I care for it? No, Does it make me Laugh, Yes!

Logic you of all people should know that reading the titles is half the story.
Also it's a notable quote. Playstation actually said this.

LOGICWINS1624d ago

"1st my comment was in response to the 1st poster Sackboy"

Thats irrelevant to anything. I wasn't referring to your comment, I was referring to what Gregory said in the video.

"2nd It's what he said!"

I'm aware of that. My question is, "Do you SUPPORT what he said?"

"I'm posting the article to N4g and I didn't write it."

By posting it, you're implying that you're okay with it. I wanted to hear from you directly.

BLACKBIBLE1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

@Logicwin Why didn't you say this about the Quentin Rampage Jackson interview? Also a notable quote.

Do I support Flamebait? NO!

Is this FlameBait? "HEll No! It's a "Notable Quote."

I Back Greg on this 100%. Stuff like this happens in all fields of journalism all the time but for some reason when it comes to XBOX, PS4, and WiiU it's frown upon. Not by regular Gamers but fanboys. Why because they don't like seeing their side lose.

I'm not suggesting you're a fanboy, but I funny it weird you actually don't see why this is something notable.

He expressed a "feeling". He didn't say "Xbox Box should Kick Rocks" or anything.

Lord you act like he can't say "If feel Good."

Logic I respect your concerns really I do. Heck I respect most of your concerns, but We got this Dude. No Fanboy or Bias.

Also you didn't see my interview Yet. It's coming later. it's an exclusive. talking about things you Gamers might be concern with in regards to PS4

Imply anything that suggest support a console war, we last week we were attacked by the Eff world of Nintendo Fanboys. just for reporting on an exclusive

I'm out of bubbles you want to finish this come to the comment section on my site. While at CES I'll answer what I can.

LOGICWINS1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

"Imply anything that suggest support a console war.."

Black, be real with me. You posted a video entitled "CES 2014: Playstation Now Says “It feels Good Kicking Xbox’s Ass” on N4G.

You don't see how that fuels the console war? Really?

I get why you posted it. You think it's funny and you thought it would get you hits. I just want you to think about whether thats the PROFESSIONAL thing to do. You know very well how fanatical/immature people here are. Stop giving them excuses to express their stupidity.

EDIT: I pretty much said everything I want to say lol. I'll def start commenting on you're site in the future where we aren't restricted by the bubble system.

Outside_ofthe_Box1624d ago


I don't support obvious flamebait articles for obvious reasons. I absolutely agree with you...

But come on. What happened to "because N4G supports flamebait articles it's ok to post them"?

LOGICWINS1624d ago

^^Blackbible and everyone else on his team are PROFESSIONALS. They're supposed to be above things like that.

miyamoto1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Youre a sad man, OwnLogicwins.
PS Now did not kicked only Xbox's ass at CES

All the tech sites around the world say it kicked everyone's ass at CES

Don't worry be happy.

PS4: It Changes Everything

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xtheownerzx1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Your boy got caught off guard. Lmao

nategrigs1624d ago

That title is a bit misleading

5eriously1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Why????????? the title refers to the question/comment the interviewer made with an, albeit very reluctant, "it feels good" comment from a seemingly "embarrassed" Playstation Now employee! Why would Sony not feel good as it's the factual truth that they are kicking ass all over the world even in the USA, Sony are riding the wave and things are looking up, but obviously not for the M$ fannyboys I presume!

Nice impromptu interview!

nategrigs1624d ago

The PlayStation now guy didn't say "it feels good kicking MS's ass." He was caught off guard by the question and spit out the first thing that came to his mind.

The title implies that Sony was talking trash, which isn't true