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Remembering the last generation: The best fighting games

Writers of the 16bitkings discuss their favourite fighting/beat'em up games from the previous console generation. Please note, these aren't necessarily an objective 'best of', but rather our own personal favourites. Let us know if you agree/disagree with our choices and which fighting/beat'em ups you would pick. (3DS, Dissidia Final Fantasy , PC, PS3, PSP, Soulcalibur IV, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Tekken 6, Wii, Xbox 360)

coolbeans  +   191d ago
I may not jump into fighting games that often now, but one of the few this-gen ones I've tried that turned out to be one of my favorites games of '09 was BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger.

Strange how little is mentioned about that one.
Baka-akaB  +   191d ago
it's not strange when they pick (the still excellent) SSMB , the still good Dissidia and the mediocre Soul Calibur 4 among all things , and can't even differenciate tekken 6 from tag 2 . it's not even a farcry away from picking Naruto or DBZ at this point

They probably didnt even bother with KOF XIII either
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Baka-akaB  +   191d ago
"Tekken 6 was an absolute stunner with breathtaking level designs – including a cameo appearance from Snoop Dog on his own level. "

Move along nothing to see here ... one of the guy can't even identify the game properly and it's obvious some got no clue about fighting games . It's tekken Tag 2 by the way that got a Snoop dog stage
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DCfan  +   191d ago
What the?? Thanks for the heads up, i wouldn't wanna give a click to a HORRIBLE article that doesn't differ T6 from Tag 2.
Regardless. Tekken Tag 2 is th best fighter this gen, without re-releases and updates, a full game that i've been playing since it came out, and im still not on the levels of those in the ranked match, but i can hold my ground with Lars and Slim Bob and Miguel.

Persona 4 Arena deserves to be in that list. It did EVERYTHING so well including being a proper sequel to Persona 4.
Instead they list the OK SSB (Don't get me wrong, the game is fun, but no where those games mentioned)

I haven't tried SC4 but i had played SC5 and im not sure if i wanna go back into the series since SC5 was my first one.

DOA5U was a solid fighter that gets accomadated with T&A all the time.
Baka-akaB  +   191d ago
Yeah the game listed are for most part excellent , but it's a bad list given the limited spots .

It's as if i expected to read a best fps top pick , but half the spots were wasted on stuff like Skyrim , Deus Ex
nope111  +   191d ago
Don't bother with SC4, it was terrible. I recommend playing SC3, it was my favorite in the series and it had the amazing Chronicle of the Sword mode.
Hopefully we'll see a HD treatment of it.
sephiroth420  +   191d ago
Id recommend Soul Calibur 4, its not as good as Tekken Tag 2 but its a hell of a lot better than SC5, i dont know what they were thinking with that game, really didnt meet my expectations, hopefully the next purchasable one will be worth getting.
Deep-throat  +   191d ago
People do mistakes... forget the title...
Master-H  +   191d ago
Mortal Kombat was my favorite fighter last gen
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boing1  +   191d ago
TTT2. There is no other for me.
nope111  +   191d ago
BlazBlue was king of the genre last gen, but Guilty Gear is going to make a comeback!!!!
DCfan  +   191d ago
If you're refering to the 2D fighters i agree, but the king has to be TTT2.

What does everyone think of Marvel vs. Capcom 3??
Baka-akaB  +   191d ago
The game itself is excellent . There is a reason it's always the most popular in Tourneys along SF4 . It's bad corporate and executive decisions , aggravating stuff about licensing and dlc that clouds and sour it .

ANd of course the online for the original MvC3 was bad . It was way better in UMVC3 , but still run of the mill SF4 level netcode .
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sephiroth420  +   191d ago
I loved Marvel vs Capcom 3 but the winner hands down has to be Tekken Tag 2, no other fighting game can seem to grip me as much as that does.
Dark_vengeance  +   191d ago
SSBB, the only REAL fighting game. DOA5, a close second.
for we are many  +   191d ago
King of Fighters 13, not 12.

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