Lots of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U screenshots showcase Zelda

Nintendo has released a ton of new screenshots showing off Princess Zelda in the new Smash Bros.

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MachineGunnTalk1412d ago

Im guessing nintendo is run outta characters to add

wonderfulmonkeyman1412d ago

There's likely still tons.
They've gotta space the reveals out to last up until launch, after all.

JohnnyTower1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Fire emblem has been around since the famicom. It's a pretty huge franchise. In fire emblem:awakening there is 40+ people to add to your party. And more with online matches.

JohnnyTower1412d ago

If Nintendo dug into the fire emblem series alone they could have a roster of 40. Plus Pokemon and such. The roster is there. But how many characters does someone really need?

colonel1791412d ago

yet they missed the opportunity to add fire emblem awakening characters in the game

LoaMcLoa1412d ago


Roy, Marth, Ike?

for we are many1412d ago

Looks like you have Nintendo and sony mixed.

LKHGFDSA1412d ago

they're keeping the same amount of playable characters from the last game because they didn't want to re-write the code. (lazy buggers)
since they can't just tack on extra ones, they have to remove old ones, and people have their favourite character(s) so they can't just replace the old characters.

thegent1412d ago

NO. Sakurai said the amount of characters PROBABLY has reached its maximum quantity in terms of making sure all the characters are balanced. He also said he hates cutting characters, so with all the new reveala the roster size should be bigger.

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guitarded771412d ago

So, are Wind Waker Link and the other Link separate characters on the roster?

Jagsrock1411d ago

are you new to smash bros?

CursedHero1412d ago

They could still add:
Battle Toads, Double Dragons, Bionic Commando, the 1942 airplane...