Grand Theft Console: Pirates steal video game riches in China

From Reuters: Rampant piracy in China has lead to a possible new business model to entice gamers to pay for in-game items in exchange for free-to-play games.

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hipstermafia1648d ago

I've never played a free-to-play game that I liked. This model needs to just stop.

iceman13461647d ago

actually there is few F2P games that i really really loved.

TheGreatGamer1647d ago

Planetside 2 is the only good one i have played but the upcoming Deep Down looks great too

PS3Freak1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

What? Deep Down is free to play?

Edit: Apparently it is....

contradictory1647d ago

Planetside 2 is really good one but there are other F2P games that are good too...

like World of Tanks is pretty good from what i've heard atleast

ShiftyLookingCow1647d ago

I could never have imagined that I would read such a horribly titled article from Reuters.

I expect a title like "Piracy challenges nascent Chinese gaming business" or something.

Billybobjoey1647d ago

Team Fortress 2 is one of the best F2P FPS's out there. Also Planetside 2 is pretty good as well.

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