Beyond: Two Souls Sold Through 1+ Mil Units Worldwide In 2013, Sold Better Than Heavy Rain In France

GearNuke: "Beyond Two Souls was the second Quantic Dream project on PlayStation 3. It has been officially confirmed by Quantic Dream’s Co-CEO that the game has sold through 1 million copies in 2013. It also sold approximately 70k units in France, where Quantic Dream is located, which is a lot better than Heavy Rain at similar time frame."

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ThatCanadianGuy5141651d ago


Didn't expect that.Holidays, new IP, right before the next gen craze began...eesh, i didn't think this would even crack 400-500k.

GJ Quantic.
(Great game by the way.Best PS3 graphics by far)

GarrusVakarian1651d ago

Im very surprised by those numbers too, all things considered.

While i didn't enjoy it as much as i enjoyed Heavy Rain, it was still a good game. And i agree with you about the graphics (although i would probably add TLOU too), the facial animations were outstanding.

Good job QD.

Hatsune-Miku1651d ago

Sony continuously releases amazing quality exclusives and I expect the same on ps4. The other consoles like wii and xbox 360 hasn't had a proper exclusive title in years but sony continues to deliver quality exclusives for the older sony console

NewMonday1651d ago

good to see the game getting profits

at 1m Sony should get $48m revenue from the game, and after paying QD $27m that makes it $21m profit so far.

Ju1651d ago

Best graphics hands down. It beats TLoU.

abzdine1651d ago

they mastered PS3 with just 2 games..

Bien joué QD!

rambi801651d ago

At least david cage has found a place where his experiments have an audience.

Innovation sometimes leads to weird results. looking forward to his next effort.

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DanielGearSolid1651d ago

Good, I may not have liked the game, but Cage can make good games, he's just hit or miss

abzdine1651d ago

yeah! To like a game or not is not exact science, but taking risks and delivering unique experiences like quantic dream and Sony do needs to be applauded!!!
keep them coming Sony you have my full support!

rarity1651d ago

this game is underrated IMO

snookiegamer1651d ago

I luv both Heavy Rain & Beyond. I like stories, and David Cage does things different. I'm glad Sony has varied and talented studios.

You get variety on PS...something for everybody.

MestreRothN4G1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Maybe the ultralinear demo gave them a very bad result.

I played it twice. Trying to "win" on the first, trying to die/lose on the second. Had exactly the same outcome on both, even when begging to fail.

Completely lost interest on the game.

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