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Beyond: Two Souls Sold Through 1+ Mil Units Worldwide In 2013, Sold Better Than Heavy Rain In France

GearNuke: "Beyond Two Souls was the second Quantic Dream project on PlayStation 3. It has been officially confirmed by Quantic Dream’s Co-CEO that the game has sold through 1 million copies in 2013. It also sold approximately 70k units in France, where Quantic Dream is located, which is a lot better than Heavy Rain at similar time frame." (Beyond: Two Souls, PS3)

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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   596d ago

Didn't expect that.Holidays, new IP, right before the next gen craze began...eesh, i didn't think this would even crack 400-500k.

GJ Quantic.
(Great game by the way.Best PS3 graphics by far)
Lukas_Japonicus  +   596d ago
Im very surprised by those numbers too, all things considered.

While i didn't enjoy it as much as i enjoyed Heavy Rain, it was still a good game. And i agree with you about the graphics (although i would probably add TLOU too), the facial animations were outstanding.

Good job QD.
Hatsune-Miku  +   596d ago
Sony continuously releases amazing quality exclusives and I expect the same on ps4. The other consoles like wii and xbox 360 hasn't had a proper exclusive title in years but sony continues to deliver quality exclusives for the older sony console
NewMonday  +   596d ago
good to see the game getting profits

at 1m Sony should get $48m revenue from the game, and after paying QD $27m that makes it $21m profit so far.
Ju  +   596d ago
Best graphics hands down. It beats TLoU.
abzdine  +   596d ago
they mastered PS3 with just 2 games..

Bien joué QD!
rambi80  +   596d ago
At least david cage has found a place where his experiments have an audience.

Innovation sometimes leads to weird results. looking forward to his next effort.
DanielGearSolid  +   596d ago
Good, I may not have liked the game, but Cage can make good games, he's just hit or miss
abzdine  +   596d ago
yeah! To like a game or not is not exact science, but taking risks and delivering unique experiences like quantic dream and Sony do needs to be applauded!!!
keep them coming Sony you have my full support!
rarity  +   596d ago
this game is underrated IMO
snookiegamer  +   596d ago
I luv both Heavy Rain & Beyond. I like stories, and David Cage does things different. I'm glad Sony has varied and talented studios.

You get variety on PS...something for everybody.
MestreRothN4G  +   596d ago
Maybe the ultralinear demo gave them a very bad result.

I played it twice. Trying to "win" on the first, trying to die/lose on the second. Had exactly the same outcome on both, even when begging to fail.

Completely lost interest on the game.
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rammstein91  +   596d ago
great story and exceptional genre,must own game
MasterCornholio  +   596d ago
After all the reviews I thought it would sell a lot less. Looks like there's plenty of people who appreciate David cages work.
KratosSaveUs  +   596d ago
I'm ready to see what David Cage has in store for the PS4.
Rickgrimes95  +   596d ago
This is good news means David cage can keep making games I know a lot of people are divided on his game I loved heavy rain I liked B:TS but I like it cause his games are different then everything else
ErazorDJ  +   596d ago
I hope David Cage of more importance to him in his next game gameplay
Sevir  +   596d ago
Well, he's not the soul (no pun intended) writer for the next game. In fact it's him and 3 other well accomplished and much better writers than him abd 2 editor's of the script, so the inconsistencies and in story telling that a Cage game usually suffers should be mitigated significantly...

I will say I enjoyed Heavy Rain more, but Beyond:Two Souls was riveting and well done. And the revelation of Aiden! Pretty pivotal stuff.

I'll always have a place reserved in my console for QD games... Handsome down the best looking graphics current gen graphics in fact I think it looks better than some PS4/XBO games like AC4.

They really an amazing job and seeing the things they've got running on PS4. I can't wait.
FragMnTagM  +   596d ago
Why do you say no pun intended, when you used soul instead of sole? Clearly the pun was intended.
_QQ_  +   596d ago
Games like this sell 1mil yet tearaway sells 20k? i realize the vita has that low install base but still 20k....

Terrible story, overrated by the David Cage zealots who don't know jack about good narratives.
fonger08  +   596d ago
Tearaway wasn't properly advertised, especially compared to Beyond. If it makes you feel better, even though 1 million sales is good... their budget for that title had to have been through the roof. I can't imagine 1million helped them break even.
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snookiegamer  +   596d ago
It cost 10 million to make....google it, then do the math.

*it made a profit.
fonger08  +   596d ago
LOL wow nice try googled it and the first link that came up negated your comment: http://www.computerandvideo...
It costs 27 million to just produce. Then you got marketing and production costs, they spent 18 million on a smaller release for Heavy Rain, so conversatively let's say 25 million(larger international release)?
Then you assume every game sold at $60, which most of us has seen the game either for $45 dollars on Amazon or Bestbuy (Black Friday). Maybe it did break even, but I can't see it making a profit yet.
Tontus  +   596d ago

10 million?

It cost $27 million to produce which doesn't include the cost to promote or distribute the game.

It cost around $40 altogether and considering it's only sold 1 million and was reduced to a bargain bin price in a few weeks I doubt it made much or any profit yet.
DCfan  +   596d ago
Omgomgomgomg hurr durr DOTA2 hurrrr!!!!!

Tearaway bombed because of dat marketing. VITA fanbase has a high attach rate.
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_QQ_  +   596d ago
What does DOTA2 have to do with anything?
imt558  +   596d ago
This game is not for everyone and because of that, sales number are great.
snookiegamer  +   596d ago
Well waddya know?

...there's a small minority of people in here actually hating on people who liked Quantic Dream/David Cage's PS3 games. I won't apologise for not being a member of the clone party.

Geezuz, some people have sunken to the depths of foolishness.
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_QQ_  +   596d ago
yet if it was COD outselling good games everyone would be bashing the COD crowd, like they already do. but thats fine.
fonger08  +   596d ago
I think you meant David Cage game (singlar) didn't read anyone bashing on Heavy Rain. The guy make polarizing games, you either like them or dislike them.
kwyjibo  +   596d ago
Ellen Page and Willem Defoe probably helped it beat Heavy Rain.
Sevir  +   596d ago
No, HR sold 3+ million. What's funny is though Beyond Reached a million much faster. I didn't expect it to reach a million with GTAV, PS4, XBO, COD:Ghosts BF4 and AC4 all stealing the limelight in that 3 month launch period. Especially with the reviews it had.

Amazing accomplishment being a new IP against a top tier line up of Sequels and New Generation Consoles and juggernaut IP brands... I still enjoyed it. It was the last 7th gen game I purchased. :)
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SolidGear3  +   592d ago
Well I had no interest in GTA, AC, BF or COD but I preordered and picked up the Steelbook edition of Beyond at launch. :3
WeAreLegion  +   596d ago
I love it so much.
CrossingEden  +   596d ago
That's a shame because this game is part of the reason why other media doesn't believe that video games can tell a story that's on par with cinema. Because this game has one the most cliched and poorly written plots in recent years. Someone needs to sit david cage down and say "this is not how actual people in the modern day talk, this is also not how people in the real world act, it really says something about your work when a game the big bad wolf from old fables has a more compelling plot, better writing, and more believable characters than your games, did I mention the fact that there's a talking frog in that game? Actually no, that's giving you too much credit, there's this game called Thomas was Alone and I cared more about those characters than I do the ones in your game, btw, the main character is a rectangle!"
It's a shame that someone who said that "photorealism is the only way that video games can have emotional storytelling" is SO bad at making characters behave in a believable way. David Cage I'm pretty sure that if an underage girl were to walk into a bar at night, that the first thing on EVERY guy's mind would not be "MMMMM, TIME TO RAPE!!" David Cage's games do WAY more harm than good. And I shutter to think of what game he will make next, he can have all the most photorealistic graphics ever, and I still won't care if the story is bad, and that's why beyond two souls sucks, because the STORY, the main reason you buy the game, is god awful. I'd love to meet a group of teenagers in the modern day who still use the word "witch" as an insult. That'd make my day. Also, idk if David Cage had a bad history teacher, but the navajo NEVER used teepees!
Fun fact:The jodie nude scenes in the game actually take up more memory than the action sequences.
I'd actually go so far as to say that the metal gear solid series, which has SO writing sins, has better writing and more believable characters than beyond two souls. And we're talking about a series with characters that look like this
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DCfan  +   596d ago
Doubt that you even played the game. I guess you're a sheep in herd that bashes games based on reviews.
SolidGear3  +   592d ago
Sevir   592d ago | Personal attack | show
SaffronCurse  +   596d ago
Glad to hear the game is selling well. I haven't played it..I blame myself for the backlog that I have right now. Hope to get it down the line when I'm finished with the rest of my games.
TristanPR77  +   596d ago
Congratulations to Quantic Dreams!!! They have prove all haters wrong. You can succeed without making shooters, QD proved artistic games have a great audience and they are king of that genre.

This is one of many reasons I like Sony, they believe in artistic projects that any other would not dare to believe and they bring diversity on their library, not just shooters and shooters and shooters.
Crossbones  +   596d ago
Yeah, so f*** those reviews.
The_BoZZ1991  +   595d ago
YES! Well deserved! I already gratulated Mr. Fondaumiere on Twitter but it's so great to hear that Beyond has sold over a million copies. Now I hope that two million will be reached in the end of 2014.

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