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bobsmith1683d ago

id get but cant support them giving xbox first

Fireseed1683d ago

I agree with your actions, but not your reasons.

It's like saying "I won't buy desert from the chef who pooped on my plate, because he pooped on the other kids plate first."

starfox0791683d ago

I can't believe some policies Microsoft has ??? i mean 3rd partys loose money for agreeing to these stupid desperate policies like you cant make a multiplat game look alot better on a competing platform ?? u cant release a multiplat game on another platform 1st ie Rayman delay on wiiu,all this exclusive getting things first ????? look 3rd partys should say everyone gets it at the same time Fuck Off Microsoft.....

redwin1682d ago

I'll get it from who ever gets it first, and what's more if I have a disgust with a company I'll show it with my wallet. So far I haven't have a problem, so I'll be playing it before some people. I have integrity and a degree in business and quite frankly I don't understand everyone's problem with free enterprise , it isn't free, otherwise it would be an entitlement service and that would be socialism. I buy speed and quality. I don't have time for favoritism I just want to play my game in the best ways possible.

RE_L_MAYER1683d ago

let me guess,advanced fish dlc,colored gun triggers dlc and dog clipped nails dlc

UncleGermrod1683d ago

but i get shut down for trolling, lolz dudezo

imXify1682d ago

I dunno why you get down with trolling. Almost every map was taken from MW3 and made them bigger with odd routes.

wonderfulmonkeyman1683d ago

Ten bucks says they don't make it available for the Wii U version.

starfox0791683d ago

Celebs hate Ghosts we all know the series has took a nose dive after the amazing black ops 2 wiiu/pc version i still play by the way,the future online games that will be huge are.......

Mariokart 8

Lets see if I'm right oh if Retro studios are making a FPS online using the space pirates ect in the Metroid universe then that will also join in...COD is getting very boring now we need a Mariokart that is for gamers and this new one is just that,Iwata 2014 is for Hardcore gamers on WiiU.....