Sony returns to the swagger of its glory days

The verge writes:

"Under Hirai’s leadership, the trajectory of improvement has been gradual but unswerving. What was once the struggling Sony Ericsson has been transformed into the popular and profitable Sony Mobile Communications group. Mirrorless cameras have helped position Sony as a leader in imaging gear, with enthusiasts increasingly opting for the Alpha (née NEX) range over the traditional DSLR format that Canon and Nikon still dominate. And most recently, the PlayStation 4 has managed to outsell its nemesis Xbox One while almost doubling subscriptions to Sony’s paid PlayStation Plus service."

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ThatCanadianGuy5141683d ago

Kaz is really working wonders behind the scenes.He's come along way since the Riiiiidge racer days.Is it weird that i feel kind of proud of him? lol

Can't wait to see where he brings Sony in next 5-10 years.

Bathyj1683d ago

The only issue I have with Kaz is we barely see him anymore. A good thing Shu is so adorable.

Ezz20131683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

"" A good thing Shu is so adorable. ""

lol true
he's like 50 or so but yet he look soo young

wenaldy1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

In his early days at Sony, he used to be Beastie Boys interpreter!!!

Hatsune-Miku1683d ago

Sony never lost it, it's just fanboys can't see it

johndoe112111683d ago

C'mon, let's be honest. Sony did loose focus in the ps3 era. Even ps4 creator mark cerney admitted it in that keynote he gave.

They got cocky and almost sank themselves with the design of the ps3. Don't get me wrong I think it's a fantastic machine but their arrogance almost cost them the war.

At the end of the day though, because of that experience, we have the ps4 today. A lesson well learnt.

mikeslemonade1683d ago

The gamers chose not support the PS3 as much. Just think.. more games like the calibar of Uncharted 2, The last of US, and japanese developers on board instead of developing for Wii, DS, and PSP.

TRGMatt1683d ago

Sony COMPUTER Entertainment lost "it" but regained "it" within a couple of years. First party gaming devs strutted their stuff but it was too late...North America had adopted the 360 as their gaming console of choice and over time, Sony got better while Microsoft got worse.

But this article is talking more about the overall company. They've traced back to their roots, but not before several years of rebuilding. And MOST of their products degenerated to a place where Samsung and Panasonic used to be: the company that just makes stuff that satisifies the status quo. A frontrunner cannot do that. More is expected and for a long time, in most of their products (except maybe the Vaio line), Sony failed to impress even though the PS3 itself WAS impressive. Show me a 360 that can run The Last of Us. Ain't happening.

Welcome back, Sony. Their reputation is now rekindled and the future is bright. Those of us that stuck by them are now reaping the benefits of brand loyalty.

webeblazing1682d ago

so he calls people for noticing last gen? he worships mark cerney but ignores what he stated about negative decisions? it must be hard to be a fanboy. yall blindly defend to much yall loose yall self in the process.

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SPAM-FRITTER-1231683d ago


Trying to appeal to the kids LOL.

k2d1683d ago

He's also holds the titles 1st Class Gentleman and Legendary Boss.

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XiSasukeUchiha1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Sony is returning to their throne!

Bathyj1683d ago

Well you could argue that they weren't as successful as previous efforts but they still made the best console of its generation. So even when the others were at their best, Sony's worst was still better than them.

Snookies121683d ago

@MrTimesplitters - They stepped off the throne for a bit, but got right back on down the line. The PS3 has an incredible library of games now, and even more still to come for it.

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PS4isKing_821683d ago

Feels more like the sony I loved back in late 90's and early 00's. Glad to see them gettting back to form.

DanielGearSolid1683d ago

Playstation and Xperia are back on track

They just gotta do something about those TVs

Hows their camera division?

ThatCanadianGuy5141683d ago

Cameras are some of the best on the market.And doing quite well

Their TV's are actually pretty great too.The best by far for gaming due to the low input lag.They just cost so much and don't have the brand power to compete with that household TV name Samsung and others made over the years.A real shame.

DanielGearSolid1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Yea it wasnt to say their TVs are bad products... I have a Bravia. Love it. They just don't sell well... Like you said, they cost too much. Hopefully they see what cost effective pricing did to the Ps4 and follow the trend in all other divisions

Bathyj1683d ago

I think they should give away a year of PSNow with their tv's. It would give it a boost for sure.

Derekvinyard131683d ago

Labtops are overpriced, cameras are pretty good, they have the best shutter speed on the market and there tv's are really good so far. Have had a Bravia for a long time no problems.

Lukejrl1683d ago

I got a Sony Television, one of the first 3d ones with the upgraded Engine and it is awesome. The problem? I couldn't find much calibration support as there are far too many skus with too many features that are included or not included. To fix their t.v's they need to make it simple:
Entry-Level 400-600$
Intermediate- 800-1100$
Awesome- 1300-1800
4k Awesome- 2000-2500

Sizes depending.

What they had was a huge number of selection, some full LED, Some LED blacklit, some just LCD, smart or not smart etc.. to find the features you wanted there was a wading pool of information to filter. I think they have simplified it more now.

That chinese 4k T.V really kicked Sony and Samsung in the junk though. It came our at 1500 and got great reviews for the price. That is why I priced my 4k thoughts at 2000-2500.

JodyCones1683d ago

The thing with their bravias is their higher end models are expensive, but their lower end (which are still high quality) are cheaper than most samsung and lg tv's. I got my 40in bravia for only $400 and it has the best picture and input lag for gaming. People just need to look for them next time you're in the store.

Lord Anubis1683d ago

eh the xperia phones are kind of always catching up.the snapdragon 800s have been out for a while, in the always moving soc world. Hope sony has a new phone design.

Sony has lost a lot of touch since they shutdown their own R&D labs :( to save money.

DanielGearSolid1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

The Xperia Z and on are actually pretty up to date as far as internals...

I'm using a Z right now. Great phone

They're selling well in EU and ofcourse Jpn
Kaz says they're gonna make a push to get more popular in the US

Waiting for the Z2, hoping for some epicness

asmith23061683d ago

Check out the A7. Full frame sensor for less than 2000 g's. The lens selection is a bit pricey at the moment but they have a roadmap laid out for lens release.

Thatmattkid1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Amazing! The Sony RX100 has been rated as one of the best compact camera's of all time by the New York Times. Also they've just created the worlds first full frame mirrorless camera in the A7 and A7R, which makes the body significantly smaller.

I'm a huge fan of Canon cameras, but I'll be buying an A7 soon and I already own an RX100. These last few years Sony have really lead the pack with their innovation.

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Why o why1683d ago

I c a lot of ppp

People pis**d at the praise sony is receiving.

They've really stepped up their game. Undeniable fact

Hicken1683d ago

Something being fact has never stopped anyone from denying it, unfortunately.

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