Ryse: Son of Rome Review: "Graphical Marvel With Engaging Story" - Gamepur

"Ryse: Son of Rome had a dream team behind it, "Crytek: One of the best video game developer of current time, Microsoft: Publisher known to do anything to satisfy Xbox community, CryEngine: the most powerful Engine which already proved its metal with Crysis series and Xbox One: a console with features that developers die to work on", so success was just a mere formality for Ryse: Son of Rome."

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Angels37851567d ago

But a 6?

Oh yeah the gameplay is like every other crytek game :/

eezo1567d ago

I felt it's bit repetitive, expected more variations in enemies though, felt like fighting same guys over and over. Visual sides are awesome.

Naga1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

As someone who was skeptical of Ryse, I picked up the game and was very surprised. I found the game so thoroughly engaging and enjoyable that I only put it down twice - first time to sleep, second time to eat. I beat in less than 24 hours of putting it in my Xbox, and regard the entire experience quite fondly.

I completely understand the criticism of the gameplay being repetitive - or of the enemies not having enough variation. But I feel this game is judged far to harshly for not being a game that it never tried to be.

It is a hack-n-slash action game that achieves the most important goal of the genre - making the gamer feel like an utter badass. Gameplay and graphics are next in line, and Ryse has that in spades. The combat itself, while repetitive, is neither a chore nor a distraction; I found it somewhat addicting, trying to get larger, cooler, or more perfectly-timed combos. Future iterations could use more variation in the opponents, greater variation in the combat techniques, perhaps different weapons... but to deride Ryse for simplistic gameplay is a bit unfair.

The game did everything it tried to do, and did each of those things well. I knew what I was getting into with this game, and subsequently had a blast. Honestly, I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Arkham, God of War, or games like that. It sits at a healthy 7.5-8.0 in my books. Ryse is a simple yet bloody joyride of a game.

rafaman1567d ago

IGN, Gamesradar, Arabicgamers and Gamespur saying this is the best looking game on consoles. It is funny, considering the inferior power everyone says xbox one has.

H0RSE1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

The argument against X1's inferior power, are largely from specs. The PS4 is boasting better specs, therefore technically, it is the stronger console. The problem is, many tend to inflate the numbers, or base their arguments solely around them. If the PS4 is a strong as many claim, where is the definitive "nail in the coffin" game that illustrates this?

Many will cling to the numbers and statements like "50% more powerful," but if this extra power isn't utilized or demonstrated, it means little. As of now, there have been no examples where PS4 has shown itself to be at the level many are boasting. Multiplats are largely the same, and exclusives on each system have been shown to equally impressive.

The "superior hardware" talk from the PS4 camp, is largely just used for chest pounding and gloating, as the advantages showcased in games, have been negligible.

Angels37851567d ago

Youre kinda stretching what was said by those sites it was never explicitly stated. And also digital foundry wasn't all to impressed by the performance for what was being pushed out

Hercules1891567d ago

DF did say that Ryse is the best looking game from both consoles.

Angels37851567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Not true at all.....quote it. You can't because its not true. I'm not having anything against ryse, but I won't just believe a known fanboy at his word. I jave read the df analysis amd I just read it again. Nothing mentioned and the reviews he^^ claimed they said ryse was the best is also untrue. I have read them. Nowhere does ot say ryse is the best. Heck even polygon said ryse ISNT the best. Pm me and ill link you to where they saI'd it.

rafaman1567d ago

I am not stretching, friend.

"And man, is it beautiful. Characters have a level of degree you haven't seen from a video game before, with realistic animations and outright absurd smoke and particle effects fill the screen. If you're looking for the one game to prove the power of your Xbox One, it's absolutely, positively Ryse. Whether you're storming the beaches of Britannia or exploring Rome itself, you'll be stunned by how much better Ryse looks than anything else you've ever played."

So there you have it: RYSE is indeed the best looking launch title of this generation.

Also, IGN says it is the best looking also:



christocolus1567d ago

I must agree. Its a graphical marvel indeed crytek needs to step up the gameplay in the sequel.